IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


Will there be full aileron control?


I really love that but is is possible to have for example infinite flight menu colors, it would be very great but just proposing. Anyways I love your idea and I support you


Of course! The app uses the accelerometer of the device it’s running on the same way to control the aircraft as IF would.


It’s not an idea! It’s fully operational! 😉

This is what it looks like.

Some minor things may still changes. Not the colors though.


this project, will make flights so realistic ! i cant wait to try this out ! but i have some questions like, we

1:connect my phone via wifi to the router and my tablet have to be in the same network ?
2:when it will be aviable on the store will it be free ? iam still willing to pay for something like that working ! lol


Will there be an option to use everything but the gyro as a controll board of sorts? Perhaps if you already had a joystick for your main device?


That is already an option. 😉


Oh, so you coukd eaven yse a joy stuck with that? That woukd be great since my android phobe easily accepts that but my IPad does not…


I don’t know if it is possible on the same device though.



What do you mean by that?


Android or iOS though?


The option to disable the joystick part of IFJoy is available so that you have a choice. You can either steer with IFJoy or with IF.

I don’t know if it’s possible to connect a joystick to the device that’s running IFJoy and control an aircraft in IF with that.


Well doesn’t look like ios…


Both :) Its an awesome app!


Hey Swiss,
its probably gonna be both. One may come before the other.
As Jan said, time will tell!

We shall have to wait and see.


@Swiss I believe that Android will be first, but iOS will happen.


That is the plan! 😉


Everyone with a life knows that there often aren’t enough hours in a day to fit everything in, in terms of school or work, family and friends, sports and hobbies and other things.

So, when working on a side project, life often gets in the way.

John Lennon said: "Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.”.
He knew what he was talking about.

This is a fact, not an excuse.

There are still many items on several lists that need to be looked at, changed or fixed.
@Sushruth will get to all of them eventually.

Then I will add more and he will get to those as well.

When I run out of things to add to those lists, then it’s probably time to release a beta version.

We’re not there yet. It will take time.
When there’s more to share, I’ll do that here.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

It’ll be worth it!


This is not yet possible. Haven’t added that, since IF supports joysticks out of the box. @KPIT


Yes. Both devices have to be connected to the same network.
Connecting the tablet to the phone’s hotspot works as well.