IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)

I’ll message Sushruth.

Thanks. Will appreatiate your help

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Thanks for your patience,
I have been a bit occupied with travel and other personal work.

I haven’t been keeping too well recently.
Please hold on , will update upcoming week.

I did not receive ANY version yet. Im not talKing about an update

Yes, I meant an update from my side. Not an app update.
Please give me little time.
I would have released or shared the app publicly if I could.
Really appreciate your patience. Thanks.

Just a general update,
App is in the final stages of development.
Mostly bug fixes going on.
@Jan has been really critical to entire development process.
Going forward in case of any information please expect help from Jan or me as soon as possible.



I hope it goes well :) thank you for everything! I’m jealous of all you beta testers I requested a long time ago but didn’t get the opportunity to try. I can’t wait until this comes out!

Testing in progress!

Things shown are subject to change.


I love the design! This app has come far!


This looks so awesome!

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A external atc program would be cool and FMC on a second device and when you enter your flight plan it shows up on the map.

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How is the IOS devolepment going?

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Requested beta almost a week ago I believe… still nothing.

The app is being worked on on a daily bases. Everything is being done to give users the best experience possible. Since the app has many features, this process, when done well, takes time.
As soon as there is more news, it will be posted here.

Thanks for your patience.

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Any word on the rudder bug?

I’ve stopped using the beta based purely on when it disconnects I lose all ability to manoeuvre, including rudder which disappears completely.

This is so cool!


That was not a rudder bug. It was a connection issue.
I haven’t encountered any connection issues during flight with recent alpha versions of the app.

Nope. Not a bug.

When you connect any joystick, the rudder disappears in IF.
Loosing connection with that joystick would mean loosing all control in IF.

When that happens the only option is to reset the controls in IF’s settings.

Tap Restore Defaults to get the rudder back and enable the device’s accelerometer.

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All apps that I would conect😂
•IF instruments
•IF assistant
So the same as you!