IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


I have a crazy recommendation: A two pit lot interface that involve three devices. The one that runs infinite flight, the one running ifjoy, and a second running if joy that is connected to the first. So basically a copilot. Please tell me your feedback


Hey is it too late to try out the app while still in beta? I have android and I’m dying to try this out. Thanks for
creating such a great add on. It’s an amazing concept.


No it’s not, you can go to if-joy.com/request-beta-software.


There is probably demand for it. I have a friend that stopped IF because he hadn’t the option to play with a copilot. The problem though is that since infinite flight is a relatively new mobile sim, there aren’t as many commands as usual. Which means that either the copilot or pilot wouldn’t have that much work. The copilot would just anounce stuff, do atc, gear and lights. And the pilot would mainly fly it just like a joystick.

Anyway interesting idea.


In a way you can do that from current IFJoy app. 2 devices can connect. And you can disable joystick mode in one of the devices.


I was just reading the thread from a few days ago and I think In addition to step climb, a feature that would be nice would be a left/right 360


I’m in flight assistant there is voice commands, cockpit callouts, and passenger announcements. Could this be added to ifjoy???


@jakcharvat I’ll be happy to assist with the FBW/Airbus modeling-I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas for it already written up-just no clue how to code them lol.


Same here! There is/was a remote app but it’s not available on the US App Store


This is gorgeous! Can’t wait for iOS!


Hey, any new news about this app?


You can request beta access here.


What is the use? I applied many times - don’t get beta access


What device do you use?


Andoid, everytime i message Sushruth, he gives me the link to apply and nothing happens thereafter…


The beta is only Android as IOS is not developed right now.


I have same problem…


I am on android my friend


I’m on Android too lol


I know that, I’m a designer for IFjoy.