IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


The new update is awesome @Sushruth ! Perhaps next we can have a HUD!


Is it possible to add a small vibration or haptic feedback (iOS) when the aircraft’s main gear lands? I know this app is meant to be used in a secondary device but is it possible to send a command to the main device to do this upon touchdown?


Unfortunately, can give haptic feedback only to secondary device.


Really nice work. Good that we can support you.


When this comes out on IOS I wil donate!


Hi. I did not read through all the topics. Is this app on android?


It will be available soon. Doing last few rounds of testing.
Will be releasing as soon as possible.


Great. Do you need testers?


Damn. Thank you so much for considering my idea. I appreciate it a lot bro. I will get some money today and I will donate $5. Only one question, it is out for Android? Sorry i’m in flight going from kjfk to cyul haha


Can you please fill up http://if-joy.com/request-beta-software/ ?

Thank you so much.


Wow you even made a website! All for free wow. Your are the best man :D


How is the devolepment going? :D


Well I’m not @Sushruth but as a beta tester I can tell you for sure that it’s going very well. At the moment we’re just finding and fixing bugs, so it should be ready for public release soon!


Awesome! Im holding pattern! Thanks


Thank you for your patience. App is in constant progress. Wrapping up bugs found in testing now.
My aim is to get this out by this month end. Let’s see. 😀


I admire all you’re hard work for zero pay Susruth . and I have one suggestion for the app . GPWS callouts. That would be so cool. Thanks.


Do you have an eta for IOS


Already added quite a few GPWS callouts. Will soon add all of them.


Not at the moment. Once I get closure on Android, I’ll resume work on iOS. But should be fairly quick, as app already works on iOS as it is a cross platform development.


Thanks. if I can donate I will