IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


Wow wow wow! Great job on the overhaul and overall app!


Looks good! But cannot seem to find it on the play store?


It is still in private testing.
Will be out soon.


Oh I misread sorry about that @Sushruth


This is looking beautiful. Can’t wait until it actually gets released. Thank you so much for this!! :D


Man 🀭 I would pay even €15.- for this! it looks awesome!


I wish someone paid for it. Lot of time, effort and resources have gone in. :)

But as I promised, this project is for the community.


When dos it come for IOS?


Soon after android release.


You’re the best guys @Sushruth , thanks for choosing Garuda Indonesia as your website background 😊 i really apreciate this 😊 thanks for this awesome app, i enjoy it 😊


Be glad to help you with anything you may need.


Looks amazing! Awesome job


I believe you could enable a donate feature if you have a website set up. I know myself and others would consider giving for a great product and all of your work.


Following your suggestion just added this to the app. Even now no advertisements, no paid purchases and still a free app.


Maybe allow a custom amount?


Unfortunately Google play does not allow that.


Its amazin what you do here. Cant wait for it to come out on IOS. Would not have though twice about paying for this app but great idea in puttin the donation tab. Will definitely help out


Hey hey,
It is not 100 dollars.
It’s 100 Indian rupees.
Quite less than 2 dollars.

App shows local currency for you


Pretty sure people would donate far more than just 2 dollars for what you do here. I think perhaps you might wanna increase the range say from 100rs to 1000rs.


Even though I cannot yet dowload it not because it is not available yet but because I do not yet have another device that can yet be used for it I will be making a donation this week if possible! I would highly, and I mean highly, recommend that you consider a sponsorship type donation membership so members that can do donate on a monthly or quartly basis whatever decided :) I would be happy happy happy to become a sponsor!