IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


Latest batch of beta testers should have received a mail if on Android regarding how to proceed. If not, please let me know.

Accepting final batch of requests for beta testing. Please fill up http://if-joy.com/request-beta-software/ and I will revert at the earliest.

Thanks again folks for your time, efforts and support.


I got the mail. downloading the app. will get back to you with feedback. great work. :)


First time testing it… was amazing!! Well done.!!

Something I noticed with stepclimb. When step 2 is in progress and I want to add a third one , it changes to step 3 and doesnt remain to 2.That means, that it would be great if we had a button (–>) that could let us change the stepclimb, if we dont want to be all automatic. All in all it must not change when we add a next stepclimb while flying.

When I have said a FPL, I think there is no -NAV- option.It would be great if we had one😉

Keep up the great work @Sushruth !!!


Regarding the step climb bug, already aware of it. It is work in progress. Adding a climb by waypoints feature as well. Should be ready in a couple of days.
Also need to add approach and nav buttons for AP

Thanks for trying it out and for the bug report. Will notify once fixed. :)


Could not finalize step climb as I was fixing an issue to make app compatible with all android phones. That was higher priority. Now that is done, resuming feature development.


Edit: Somethink else I noticed:) is that when you press pushback, you have to press “break” to stop it. What I think is that when you press puahback, a stop pushback option can be shown… What dou you think??


Good point. You can actually tap pushback button to stop it. I’ll show pushback status on the button itself to make it more intuitive. Thanks for the input. Expect that by end of the day (GMT +5:30)


what values to put in step climb.?


Okay, so there was a problem on older devices that only had an accelerometer. In the last update this problem has been fixed. Now the application can run on many more devices.Thanks to @Sushruth who found the solution.


@Sushruth is it worth moving to a PM or Slack to make the testing somewhat private?



So, I’ve tested the app and it’s great!

And just a heads up for IfJoy on iOS: make an exit button out of the camera section. Apple’s products don’t have a back button.

Good luck with the app!
Ignas P.

P.S. I am resending this from our PMs, since I don’t think You saw it.


I’ve done the initial testing. Its great. The pushback stop function as mentioned by @Thomas_G already works. it’ll stop pushback if you push it again. some points noted.

  1. In my spare a basic model android. the camera page was cropped from bottom.
  2. instead of having 4 button on for up down left right. a simple touchpad would be better. also a button to recentre camera or the double tap
  3. there is no option to disengage autopilot. also its very lengthy process. by the time i set heading. my plane just went miles of course. a simple design like in IF to drag up down to change values. also when i press it on it takes in present situation. and click to disengage.
  4. seat belt and no smoking lights are not there.
  5. it’ll not solve the purpose if i’ve to touch my original phone for ATC command. you have to feed it into it. may be like select atc option 1,2 and so on.
  6. same thing with weight and balance and map and fpl. get something like mouse. because reaching for the original device mid flight would be unproductive. if this can be implemented i guess i can play IF on android tv.
  7. to toggle information displayed on status bar. like toggle status bar page.

Overall great work in just 1 week. excellent. If you need help with layouts of all this. I’m always there. :)


I was also able to test the application and here is what I would add or modify:
-Make the pushback button more intuitive (green color for example when it is on)
-The gamepad seems a good idea to me to manage the cameras.
-Display the flap angle.
-Display brake light (green when braking)
-Add ground speed.
-Enlarge the throttle a little to the left.
-And then optimize everything a bit because sometimes it happens that the app disconnects itself from IF. It’s very annoying especially in the take-off/landing phase. On less powerful devices, the movements are a little irregular and there is a little latency.
That’s my point right now. I sincerely believe that there is enormous potential. Good luck with the next one.


Great inputs folks. I’m creating a public Trello board, so we can track all these. Honestly these were this kind of inputs I was waiting for. Thanks a ton.


I’m travelling right now. Will get back on above points in 4 to 5 hours.
Thanks again for all the help. ;)


Yes. Moving to a slack group. Expect invites by end of the day. Good idea.


Speaking of slack groups, when are You going to join mine? Believe me, my team will give You lots of feedback.


Today. Finally returning home after a two week trip. This app was a result of spare time I had. :)
Thanks for your patience.


I have created the slack group.
Please visit https://join.slack.com/t/ifjoy/shared_invite/enQtMzg4Mjk2MTUxNTY4LWViMTM1MzhkNjhlMjU1YmYxYjNjOTJjMTA2MWNkMmE2MWI0Yzg2ZDhiZjk3ZDY2MmMxM2M5MDBhZGQ4MDgzZDI
to continue development and testing related stuff.

Once you join, please share your IFC profile link on the general channel.
Thank you.


i dont find any channel