IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)


This honestly looks awesome, amazing how quickly you have got it together.

What about being able to upload plates from your device to use due in flight? Like a flip chart a la real world?

Link: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/steering-wheel-flight.html


I have no idea on how any of the programming stuff works… But you guys sound like absolute wizards, so I’ll add my suggestion!
During descent, it’d be really cool to have a FPA (flight path angle) option. So select an altitude and then an angle.
The math is pretty easy. To convert FPA to vertical speed, multiply ground speed by tangent(desired flight angle).
For example, if you’re travelling at 500knots (ground speed) and you’d like a FPA of 3º, you multiply 500 by tan(3) you get 2,600. Therefore we descend at 2,600ft/min!


Great idea. Are you aware of any website or service I can get the info from ?


I use flight aware a lot of the time, it’s where I get my departure and landing plates anyway however they take up quite a lot of memory do I utilise Google drive.

Having the ability to load your desired plates during preflight so your system doesn’t get bogged down with too much data would be ideal


Hey, thanks for the compliments. Currently developing app single-handedly, with help of some great testers. So good to hear positive feedback.

Regarding in app calculators, it is already in pipeline. With handy functions for various tasks calculating decent rate etc. let me know what other functions you would like to see in the calculator. Thanks for the suggestion.


Got it. Will do the needful. Thanks again.


Regret to say it still doesn’t work.


The descent calculator should be easy to do. We could even stick together something similar got ascent. And then the one that varies pitch to maintain speed


Let me try to debug further via PM.


Done. Released new version with these changes. You can download the update from play store in about 10 minutes.
Also fixed an auto pilot bug.


for ios there is one for android already


iOS yet? or we still waiting ??


No iOS yet. The dev is very busy with developing the app and will release it for iOS soon ;)


As one of the beta testers, I am not sure, but I think the app hasn’t been released yet on android officially @Brad_Jones.


WOW! This is AMAZING! This will definately simplify long haul flights for me. Thanks for all of the hard work. :)


I want to know if there is a way I can be opted in to the beta program? If not. Is the an expected release date?


To join the beta program, go to if-joy.com and scroll down to the very bottom. There should be a link there that says Request Beta Software, or something along those lines. Fill out the form and @Sushruth will get back to you shortly!


i have applied to join the beta team


you worked on it like crazy. congratulations on makint it. :)


So, I found a device with only accelerometer to test the app. Have updated code. Releasing in few minutes. I’m 100% sure it will work on your device now.