IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)

Everyone is entitled to OHO, but IMHO, the $5 comment is a cheap and uncalled for shot. Appreciate anything any third party developer does to improve the IF experience.


Flight controls are a big advance for mobile play howndonyou plan to incorporate this into IF I’m really excited to hear how this will be done and the step climb feature well genius


Sure hope you’re not talking about me. 😕 The 3(!) in-apps I’m providing in IF-A for $5 a piece are anything but “little” but were many, many hours of hard work and testing to earn those $5.

But, for the record, I also think free and open source stuff is great, too - what a gift to the community! I say if someone wants to donate their work to the community that could otherwise support them part-time, let’s be grateful and don’t take it for granted instead of assuming everything should be free.

Can’t we just have all kinds of third party stuff? No paid app out there currently does what this app seems to be aiming for (well, except for the step-climbs), so that’s totally awesome. You go, @Sushruth! DM me if you need assistance with anything.


Just a heads up, there was an app a few years ago that did exactly what your app is doing (minus the aircraft info) and it never really took off. It had a very basic ui so I think that’s something you could improve for your version. Otherwise, I’d think about what else could really make your app stand out.

Yes, the UI is basic. Although I am not a designer, so I depend on feedback from you folks to improve that.
Can you provide a link to the previous app, so I can see and learn what I can do better.

Thank you for your inputs. @bensonb

I think he means Introducing Infinite Flight Remote Cockpit app - not sure if it’s still being updated or not. @nicolas ?


Here’s a link about it:

@epaga yep, thats the one. It’s been removed from the app store but I’m not sure if he has any future plans.


Other than that, my app (In-Flight Assistant) does stepclimbs with the GPWS add-on, and my other app In-Flight Instruments has some flight controls like flaps and a gear lever and stuff with the flight controls add-on.

If you don’t have those yet, DM me @Sushruth and I can send you a promo code to download them for free.

But again - nothing at all against what you’re attempting here, would love to be of assistance if I can.


New beta release update available on Play Store

  1. AP usability improved.
  2. Camera pan via touchpad
  3. Indicator for active commands
  4. Reverse thrust added
    and a few bug fixes
    Please try it out and let me know issues etc

I honestly cant wait for this addon to be released


A major overhaul and lots of new features, including voice callovers, map view etc.
A preview.


Special thanks to @Jan


Wow wow wow! Great job on the overhaul and overall app!


Looks good! But cannot seem to find it on the play store?

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It is still in private testing.
Will be out soon.


Oh I misread sorry about that @Sushruth

This is looking beautiful. Can’t wait until it actually gets released. Thank you so much for this!! :D


Man 🤭 I would pay even €15.- for this! it looks awesome!

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I wish someone paid for it. Lot of time, effort and resources have gone in. :)

But as I promised, this project is for the community.


When dos it come for IOS?

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Soon after android release.