IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)

Hope everyone is having a great time with IF.
I just wanted to ask you folks for some ideas for apps, either mobile or desktop based. I am a full stack engineer and I think this is the only meaningful way I can pay back to this wonderful community.
I will invest my own time and resources and create this app on my own. Even better if someone can collaborate. I will select the most popular idea on this thread and get going with it.
At the end of the day this entire project will be open sourced, so that we can build it better and add more features.
I’m sorry if this is not the right place to post such threads.

I am waiting to get started, so let me know your thoughts folks.
Happy flying.


If you’re talking about apps for Infinite Flight, I’d love to see an app that allows you to use a custom callsigns, so when you use ATC everyone gets your IF callsign, but what you will hear isn’t your custom one.


Yes. I meant apps for IF. Sounds like a good idea. Noted down.

A way to remotely control infinite flight when I’m not with my device.


Create my phone to be a yoke and my pc to be a cockpit


An app that automatically detects your departure and arrival airports and pulls up the departure/approach charts for the runways at these airports. As well as ground charts for both airports. While other apps already do this, there are none that really work in-game and without a subscription.


That’s an incredible idea


Do u think that Electron is gonna work for desktop or something else? Like Java or C#?

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Since Live flight remote is both written in C# and Objectve-C also open source https://github.com/LiveFlightApp

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A desktop atc interface. Could be of big help for ifatc and help increase the number of people willing to control.


BTW I’m good at Python if that helps :)

Planning to use electron.server side will be mostly elixir or python. Depends on also what language other contributors are comfortable with.

If it is a mobile app will go with NativeScript, so can build cross platform app for both iOS and Android.


Would love to see a way for me to use phone as a joystick while my iPad runs IF. Also would like to see something for all of the Verbal ATCs.


Yeah we still need more ideas so we can know what language to implement with :)

So, for now I am inclined towards this idea.
An app that runs on your extra phone that connects to your primary IF device, acts like a joystick, ATC control etc. Think IF as display and your extra phone as a full fledged controller. What do you folks think ?


It’s perfect. What programming language?

I am quite proficient with NativeScript, using JavaScript as language and Angular4 framework. Have built several apps using this combination. Quick to get up and running and good performance. You have any suggestions ?

Nope, They sound perfect.

Great, so I have already started with a basic project structure and design doc. Would you be up to help me out if you have time ?
Anyone interested please post on this thread or ping me your GitHub username.

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