IFJA (Infinite Flight Jets Alliance) Come Join!

Hello all, this is Jay speaking from Portside Air! It has been discussed, (by me and myself and I only) that we need to have a “world alliance”.

No, this is not a spam, scam or trick!

Our Fleet:

Airbus a319
Airbus a320
Airbus a330-300
Airbus a340-600
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 767-300ER
Boeing 777-200ER
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (Prop)
Cessna 172 (Prop)
Cessna 208 (Prop)
Cessna Citation X

Our Pilots

As one of the biggest IFC alliances, we are trying to get the most skilled, and enthusiastic pilots. So if you want to be a pilot, please, PM me! Thank you for your support!

Our Airlines:

Thanks everyone!

There’s already a few world alliances:

  • One world
  • IFWA

We know that, but those are all the real VAs. This IFJA is basically the newer VAs!

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If you are an alliance, why do you post your aircrafts?

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Huh? That’s the aircrafts the resemble IFJA!

Oh, Ok! :)

If you have propeller aircraft in the alliance, then why are you the IFJA?

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