IFIC Photo Contest The most innovative screenshots + Logo Contest

Hey all!
This is IFIC, and as we launched lately, I decided to do a big photo contest, that tries to find the most innovative screenshot on this community, try to do rare shots or even rare edits that it would be like the community Mona-Lisa, Also there is a logo for IFIC, it also need to be innovative, and creative, wining the contest will represent your photo ib tge website + the logo will be used as the offical logo for IFIC what are you waiting for, BUT WAIT, there are some requirements YOU MUST READ AND FOLLOW CAREFULLY!

#Requirements for the photo:

  1. Photo can be solo or live.
  2. Photo can be edited (tuning or photoshopped)
  3. Screenshots Must NOT be blurry.
  4. All Graphics must be set to high/veryhigh and AntiAliasing must be ON
  5. Try to Proffesionalize your submit, DO NOT submit me a KG Screenshot

#Requirements for the Logo:

  1. It shouldn’t include any screenshot or real shot
  2. It shouldn’t include any logo that is from other company (Including FDS and IF logo)
  3. You must use at least Photoshop (PC Version) or illustrator (Please if you can use more pro Apps) you can also Code the logo
  4. the logo must be Aliased (Round Must be Round) and please make it as a higher graphics
  5. Try to Proffesionalize your submit, DO NOT submit me a KG Screenshot

#Only ONE submission per Person

Viewing the photo on my new website + My official logo + and Maybe if the screenshot was “Too WOW” and IF we got the approval from Laura it will be the Loading Screen.

####This Contest will close in the 12th of July 2017 at 0000Z

How to Submit:-

  1. Post your logo/Screenshot here
  2. For Logos, in Addition to step 1 send the .psd or .ai or whatever to ific.logo@gmail.com

If you won, PM me your Email and we will discuss on how to send it to you

Thank you and have a nice day!


oh the irony

Sounds an interesting idea, may submit something myself (hint: mountains of seattle)


I’m assuming one submit per person?

I wouldn’t make claims that you haven’t checked on and are quite unrealistic.


Oh! Forgot to add that, Sorry and thanks for reminding, will edit it now!

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Yep, i did a mistake there, added an IF There, Sorry.

What is IFIC & what should the logo consist?

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Anything related to Aviation and IF, but in a PRO and WOW! way

Tell me more on how you would be sending this…


Sending my address
Giving you my iTunes ID

For me to do this… It would have to be through Laura just putting 1 free month into iTunes…

Love this idea. Can’t wait to see the outcome. I won’t be participating because I am absolutely horrible at editing photos. Good luck to all 😃

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I will send you an iTunes card with 5 dollars

See… I have to give my Address…

I will send the # through PM


Thanks for clearing that up

Your Email sound like Area 51


Did you really? Or did you not?

Please Read, thank you

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Still a rather dodgy claim

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I love this idea, but i can’t give my email address, so I will just inter for the fun of it, if I win you can give my prize to the runner up.

Plane & Pilot Events logo:


I mean, sure but if you dont want to give ypur Email just create random eMail for the sake of this