IFIA Pilot Handover

Hey everyone,

Since I’m busy with IFSIM, and not turning much attention to the IFIA (Infinite Flight Independent Airline), my pilots have agreed for me to hand them all over to airline similar to the IFIA.

If your interested in gaining 140 pilots (LOL) for your airline, let me know. This is basically kind of a crossover, Afterwards, I will tell my pilots about it and if they agree to join the airline, they will, which is most likely. I know this is an unusual occurrence, but it’s a fun way to solve my problems, and promote someone else’s VA at the same time.

Keith James


TravelSky interested to welcome any pilot who still wish to join a VA.

Check our main Topic then follow the steps to be a TSK pilot

*To any IFIA who still looking to join a VA
Please add


I am very open to welcome Good behavior pilots with skills in ATC commands!
We will test all IFIA pilot before officially add you into the VA

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Am not sure if Qantas is quite as similar to IFIA, however we always welcome new pilots and are more than happy for pilots to fly with different airlines. We have a development program for all pilots to help develop their skills from flying the smaller regional aircraft all the way up to the “Heavy Supers” of the Long Haul fleet.


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En I just applied in IFIA a few days back but I do suggest you merge with Travels.It would become the biggest VA

Air New Zealand VA, a new va that did a merger with mercury airlines and whirlwind airlines would be honored to take on new pilots. We already have 6 very active pilots that get paid with credits that they can use to upgrade to another aircraft and route. It is a little simolar to IFIA. If we cannot have all of the pilots I would love to have some. They would be well taken care of. Please consider ANZ va. We strive to maintain the best quality of service and you pilots are the best trained. They would be directly promoted to captain when they join. If you transition you pilots to us, you would be helping a new, struggling VA to grow and I would be forever thankful. Other VA’s are already big and do no necessarily need more pilots, to achieve my ambition, ANZ does.
Thanks so much.

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ANZ va is not the biggest VA yet but with this merger of pilots, it would allow the already fast growing airline to reach a new level. When global flight comes out, this woo he one of the most fun airlines to fly for and with the most interesting routes. @_keithjames99

KLM VA is still a starting airline but is growing slowly it would be helpful if we got 140 pilots to expand all of our routes and have staff members also. our airline is a serious airline we are serious to make it more realisitic. @_keithjames99

IFES would love to take 140 pilots, Train them, then pass them onto other VA’s if that sounds good.

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Is anyone still available? Hopper airways only has two real pilots lol.


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