IFI Interview with UVAL CEO Blizzard

Once again everyone, welcome to another IFI Interview! Today we will be having a interview with the United Virtual Airline Chief Executive Officer, @Blizzard. You can click this to see his website, or this for IFI’s website.

Interviewer:So to start off with, what is your favorite part of Infinite Flight?

Blizzard: “My favorite part of Infinite Flight has to be the diversity of our community. It is always great to see individuals of various backgrounds being able to come together through the passion and engagement caused by a mobile flight simulator.”

Interviewer: There are a ton of upcoming VAs, what is your advice to them?

Blizzard: “My advice to upcoming virtual airlines is to be organized. Without any form of organization within your VA it will simply begin to crumble and fall around you as your member count begins to rise.”

Interviewer: As a VA Owner, what do you strive for everyday?

Blizzard: “As a virtual airline owner I strive a lot for professionalism. You may notice that in the way I talk as well as the overall formatting of United Virtual. Image and reputation can be very important at times and you never want to permanently end up with a bad one.”

Interviewer: The almighty question, “The Global Update”, what is your opinion on this?

Blizzard: “My opinion on the “Global Update” is that it is going to bring in a whole new era of mobile simulators as a whole. The effort put in by the developers will surely pay off as it shows just how much pure awesomeness you can fit onto a mobile platform.”

Interviewer: What led you to Infinite Flight?

Blizzard: “Mindless scrolling through the app store led me exactly to Infinite Flight. After starting to understand how the simulator really worked, my passion for aviation in general just started to grow bigger and bigger.”

Interviewer: Why make United Virtual? What makes it different from other VAs?

Blizzard: “I created United Virtual for my love of that specific real world airline. UV is different from other virtual airlines due to our encouraging environment, professional staff, diverse global routes, friendly pilots, constantly improving services, artistically crafted website, varied airline fleet, custom pilot rankings, flight training program, and a very active Discord communication group.”

Interviewer: What was your inspiration of United Virtual?

Blizzard: “My inspiration of United Virtual was to create an inclusive group of aviation enthusiasts who can openly communicate in a group that hosts events, challenges, and more. It just so happened that no other virtual airline had a claim to my favorite airline, United Airlines, at the time.”

Interviewer: Last question, what’s life outside of Infinite Flight?

Blizzard: “Life outside of Infinite Flight consists of mostly a lot of school work, running, and some more school work. Whenever I am not dealing with those things I try to dedicate my time to bring United Virtual to its full potential.”

Once again thanks for reading, and if you want to become one of IFI click this. Once again @Blizzard thank you for participating!


Thank you for the opportunity!


Nice interview IFI! I enjoyed reading it.


Amazingly done!


I always liked blizzard, especially after he gave me birthday wishes on my birthday, nice interview @OJFam


Thanks! @Blizzard is a amazing guy and was awesome to interview!


Glad to have you as one of my interviewers here at IFI Hope Everyone Enjoyed!
IFI has been very successful for me!


Great interview,enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.


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