IFI interview with Ryan Farell

Hey IFC, Today we will be interview @delta_alpha_lima (AKA Ryan Farell)
Interviewer- Owner Rowdy Kepler, Interviewed Ryan on November 10th 2017

Interviewer- What do you hope Sun Country does with their new plan (Of expanding from other airports (Not MSP)?? (Asked by @BalloonChaser)

Ryan- I hope to see maybe Hawaii or Alaska in the picture. LAX-OGG would be cool to see. PDX-ANC would be nice. Better the scenery, better the route.

Interviewer- How many “Reguler” Members are presently on Sun Countries rolls (asked by @Maxmustang

Ryan- There are currently 2, @PiloteerFrankie and @Josh_Mcmunn. However you and @AllegiantAir used to be Regulars so if you want to count in the figure of all time, 4.

Interviewer- “Part of Other Organizations”, What are they, what positions do you hold? (asked by @Maxmustang )

Ryan- I am a pilot for Spirit Virtual and a mod for Asiana Virtual. Bio explains it all. Love bios…it’s like helpful Honda except for me. Ok that was weird but you catch my drift hopefully.

Interviewer- Do you fly IF, what grade, how many hours of Flight Time of Record, What is your IF personal Call Sign? (asked by @Maxmustang

Ryan- I obviously fly IF. I don’t have a current PRO subscription but when my live subscription ended awhile back I was Grade 2. I think I had 9 and a half hours. Note that it was only 1 month with limited flying time so it wasn’t like I could rack up the stats. Mine would be TEXAS. Pretty cool callsign in my opinion and of course I gotta represent Texas! ;)

Interviewer- How did you find IF? (asked by @B747fan )

Ryan- I found IF in the app store, like a lot of people. I used to fly like F-18 sim or whatever it was called, but flying in an unrealistic desert was very boring. I found IF, started playing it, and took a few months figuring out how to fly it. I found it quite a few years ago. Yes, I did fly a Qantas A380 into KNUC when I was learning…one of the biggest face slaps I have.

Interviewer- What’s your favorite thing on IFC? (asked by @BalloonChaser)

Ryan- I love the amount of respectfulness, guidance, and maturity on the IFC, while pertaining to share the love of aviation. It is not something you get on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. There is no greater website to share the aviation passion than the IFC. 5 stars to the mods, regulars, staff, and fellow members.

Interviewer- What are your aviation related education, management and personal qualifications that qualify you to “Own” a Virtual Airline accredited to IF? (Asked by @maxmumstang)

Ryan- Hmm…let’s see… well, I am not any expert. My VA (SCVA) is IFVARB approved, so I mean, we’re qualified and currently hiring. And, no. The sun is not setting at Sun Country Virtual. In fact, for the first time, it is rising! Like @philippe would put it, it is a “new dawn” at Sun Country Virtual. And of course I want to give credit to @BluePanda900 and the entire IFVARB for letting my VA be a part of the current VA’s in Infinite Flight. Oh, and of course credits to @CaptJackson for making the wonderful Sun Country Virtual logo!

Interviewer- What’s your Favorite thing in IF (Asked by @balloonchaser)

Ryan- I love the realism. Yeah, that’s what everyone says, but think about it. List 5 other apps that have what Infinite Flight has. Ha, goteem. You can’t! It’s a reality, a very fascinating reality. Laura, Phillipe, and Tyler have done a crazy amount of awesomeness for us that like I have previously said, “we are eternally grateful for.”

Interviewer- What’s your Least favorite thing of IFC (Asked by @balloonchaser)

Ryan- My least favorite thing is when I screw up. Yes, I used to screw up a lot, but I barely do now. If FDS is gonna make an awesome community and simulator for us, following the rules and not stealing the cookie is my way of giving back. Besides my $4.99 that my wallet is still not the most thankful for… ;)

Interviewer- What do you do outside of IF?

Ryan- student pilot. I fly the C-172 with my instructor. I cannot fly solo yet, unfortunately. I also play sports (basketball and football). Not much else tbh.

Interviewer- What do you want to be when your older?

Ryan- airline pilot for United Airlines. Before that, I want to serve my country in the U.S. and maybe fly some military aircraft there.

Interviewer- Who’s next IFC Mod? (in your opinion)

Ryan- Hmm…maybe @Insertusernamehere or @dush19. Who knows. We just got Chris so I think it will be awhile till the next is mod is chosen.

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Thanks for interviewing me! Yeah it got delayed but that’s ok. We never pinky promised the community it would be in last weekend…

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Yea I somehow finished it on my IPhone 4S lol but hey it still works Can’t wait to get my IPad Pro and Laptop back haha!

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When you said, U.S., I think you meant Air Force ;)

You HAVE to tell the community that story. Hint: Grounded for playing Global too much…

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#momhatesinfiniteflight as I cry in the corner lol

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I have a question, what ever happened to Ryan Farell?

I’m here. Just changed my name.

Ah, makes sense, I miss the Ryan Farell name though, why did you change it?

Reasons I can’t explain…kinda wanted to do it ever since I joined but I just recently got a mod approval.

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