IFI Interview with N1RG

Hello folks and welcome to another IFI Interview. Today we’ll be interviewing @N1RG.

Interviewer: So to start out with, how’s global been?

Ryan: Global is amazing. FDS really knocked it out of the ballpark! It’s nice to fly in my home state and see how accurate the terrain is

Interviewer: Of course you’re a real world pilot, how many routes have you flown that you’ve done in real life?

Ryan: I have flown about half the routes i have done in real life in Infinite Flight. I hope to finish this when I have more time

Interviewer: Obviously I’m a Moderator/ATC Trainer at IFVATC, but explain to our readers what IFVATC is.

Ryan: IFVATC is Infinite Flight Verbal Air Traffic Control. We do voice ATC on the casual server using discord. We operate in the North America region and our controllers you real procedures such as SIDS and STARS

Interviewer: We’ll all miss @N1DG very much, how do you react to his suspension?

Ryan: To be honest, I don’t understand why we can’t all get along. We live in a world today where the people higher have the final say in everything and can’t respect the members opinions. Like my dad says, “a successful organization and/or business is ran by people who are open minded and not have that “it’s my way or the highway mentality”. I love the forum and think that FDS as done a GREAT job but some people need to think about how they treat others.

Interviewer: What advice do you give future real world pilots like yourself?

Ryan: I would say that the best advice to future real world pilots is that if you really want to pursue this, then go for it. It is the greatest feeling in the world being able to fly an airplane and see the most beautiful things. With that being said, flying has it’s drawbacks. You will have days when you want to fly but can’t and you will also have that feeling when you are not making any progress but I can assure you are! You just have to keep at it

Interviewer: Explain to us what International Cargo Group is.

Ryan: Well if we are talking about International Cargo Group then it is a collection of 4 airlines that have all merged together to form one airline. We have Fedex, DHL, UPS and cargolux has the carriers. Each member of our staff was the CEO of one of those airlines and each of the CEOs still hold a staff spot on the team as a merged airline. We are IFs largest cargo airline and have been active since August of 2015

Interview: And of course, do you have any comments to the developers about the Global update?

Ryan: Absolutely fantastic. No complaints from me! It’s nice to fly anywhere you want to and I hope to one day fly to every airport. I cannot wait to see what this app has in store in 5-10 years

Thank you for your time Ryan. Ryan is finishing a bunch of tests right now so it was very fortunate he could fit this in.

Thanks for reading folks, and be sure to check out IFIs man thread to join or request interviews!


Wow, nice interview Ryan! Nice to learn more about our community


Thanks. Glad I could tell you more about myself


It is a good thing that you said about one of the important qualities that a leader, and people as well, should possess. Looking forward to hear from you soon, @N1RG


Great job @OJFam and @N1RG

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if there a link to this IFVATC thing?

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Pm myself or @N1RG we can help


Wait what is happening with @N1DG ? I’m sure it isn’t something we should worry about but I’m curious. Anyways, great interview!

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Guess what. I’m back.👌👋


Yay! Good luck on your tests! :)

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