IFI Interview with Moderator Schyllberg!

Interviewed @Schyllberg, Interviewed by IFI Owner, @Rowdy_Kepler Rowdy_Kepler on September 24th, 2017
Interview requested by @reedgreat & @Luke

-Interviewer, So what is it like being a Mod on IFC? How is it?

-Schyllberg, It’s a lot of work for sure! But of course it’s also a lot of fun. The harder part is being able to determine what’s “appropriate” or not, meaning when is flag from a member justified? When have a topic gone off the rails to much? - and stuff like that. But it’s something you learn on the road and my fellow moderators are great help with those kind of hard decisions. It’s a fantastic and hilarious team!

-Interviewer, What are your Likes and Dislikes on IFC & IF?

-Schyllberg, The enormous age differences. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that it’s one of the biggest root causes to unnecessary debates and bad discussions in the whole community. Both here and in other communities related to Infinite Flight. But, at the same time it’s a huge pro for IF and aviation in general. As i truly believe that IF helps bringing more people into aviation, and for me being afraid of flying i can tell you it have helped making flying less scary.

-Interviewer, What are your thoughts on Infinite Flight’s Global Flight?

-Schyllberg, Where to begin? FDS have done a truly amazing job, and it’s been a great honor being a part of the Alpha/Beta team since testing began. We’ve seen so weird issues you can’t even imagine. You will be blown away once it’s released. It’s not weird at all it’s taken so much time to develop it, as it’s basically a new app. But this is totally the most logical step for Infinite Flight, I can’t imagine them taking it in any other direction than Global.

-Interviewer, How did you become a Moderator on the IF Community?

-Schyllberg, PayPal.
I was asked by Staff basically. (Had a hunch that the question was about to come though, for various, classified reasons)

-Interviewer, One last question… What’s your life like Outside of IF?

-Schyllberg, What? There’s a life outside IF? Ooops…
In all seriousness; Life is basically work & spending time with my family. Married since April 29th this year, and we have two kids together (3&5y/o). I work as a network engineer at Three Sweden & Denmark’s operations centre here in Stockholm. I recently picked up playing drums again after not hitting a single drum head for several years, which feels awesome since I’ve been playing since i was 12 yrs old (I’m 30 now). All of above is on top of the countless hours spent on IF and this community. Lol.

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So this interview seems great, but the difference between you and IF News seems to be getting smaller and smaller - maybe you should team up or something as this just seems like more of the same.


Let’s PM that sort of feedback. We don’t need to have this conversation publicly again. The existence of IFN doesn’t rule out anything similar being good. As you said yourself, this was a good interview :)


Thank You Neo for your comment :)


Duuhh… did you expect something else?


Sorry, must have missed that debate.


Always good to know a little more about Seb. Haha. Great Interview Rowdy! Very Interesting. I like how you are doing more frequent interviews! Nice Job :)


False. We all know @schyllberg doesn´t really have life other than stalking my phone usage.


Sorry bud. You’re not that important wasting database queries on.


Yeah, you should probably spend some time fixing their coverage instead.


@schyllberg your an engineer?! I’m in a program at my high school that is about teaching engineering and getting us ready for a engineering career by seeing engineers at work. Btw pretty cool.


Well, just by title. That’s how it works these days in life, get a fancy title and the rest will just work out. Lol. I haven’t studied anything engineering-ish.


Oh, ok, well still interesting.


It sounds more interesting than it is. Haha. Sure, i have loads of displays and fancy systems… But as most of the equipment we have are pretty good and stable, i usually just sit and watch Netflix, moderating this place and fly around :) It’s usually only standard stuff like poor weather over Denmark (specifically the area where @Emil lives) that causes radio links to flap and power issues…


Sounds like me at school watch Netflix till something happens.


When you say PayPal is the answer to being mod, then how come me sending 1 cent a day hasn’t worked 🤔


Can we swap jobs please


You have to be cool first.


How do I do that? …


This convo is great Haha

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