IFI Interview with JRRaviation

Interviewed @JRRAviation, Interview by IFI interviewer @Stephen_Michael, On October 3rd, 2017
Requested by Anonymous

What do you think about the Infinite Flight Community as a whole?

Well, I think our community is a great place to just come on for about a day 30 minutes and see what new things there are to look at. It’s always a great thing to see new spotting topics and events here and there. Now, let me list some of the pros of the IFC: Great mods, great regular who will introduce the community to you and explain rules, for the most part great people, interesting topics, and finally, a great place for all aviators to exchange thoughts, knowledge, and ideas! Now for the cons: Unnecessary and rude posts, for example, “This topic is not needed” “Duplicate, please use the search bar” - when the topic is over a year old with no detail - “Could you add more detail? Seems bland” and my favourite one, “Yes, I think I’m a mod so I’ll just be one. So, sorry you can’t post that. Topic not needed. China!” - basically anyone being a tryhard mod -, rude people in general, drama that happens for no reason, which is why I don’t get involved in VAs, and lastly the people who try to make trouble. It may sound like I’m being way too harsh, which I might be, be it’s just my take on it. To be honest, there is much more positivity than you realize in the community.

What inspired you to begin taking photographs of airplanes?

It was my first time (I remember) flying. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Ever since that day when I sat in the cockpit and held the yoke of a 757-200 as a 4 year old. I just imagined being a pilot. As you can imagine, my face was in the window the whole flight. I probably almost go frostbite from the windows. I had my trusty travel-chalkboard that I drew on (and you can probably imagine what I was drawing…a plane…) during the flight. So, the thing that really inspired me was my dad. I asked him to take me to the airport with my iPad at the age of 9 or so to take pictures of planes. It went well, but you can imagine the quality. My dad later lent me his SX60IS to take pictures with. Shortly after my 3rd spotting trip, I found Instagram which became my main platform to share my pictures on. My account grew extremely fast, and it is still doing well. After my 10th time going planespotting, I decided that I really loved it. It just came natural to me, so my dad got me a DSLR, a Canon T5 which I still use today. I am a self taught photographer as well. It’s just the purr of the engines that really makes me want to go back every single time.

How long have you flown on Infinite Flight?

I have been flying on Infinite Flight for about 3 and a half years now, back when Live was not a thing yet. I remember the crowded KHAF and how you needed a certain standing to enter certain airspaces. It has been amazing to see the growth of Infinite Flight. I have been on the community for a little over a year.

What is your life like outside of Infinite Flight besides photography?

I play football, right offensive tackle to be exact. I have a little sister, whose name is Ellie. I also love baseball and video games.

Lastly, what photography advice do you have for members who want to gain more knowledge when it comes to airplane spotting pictures?

Well, I made just the guide for that.

That is the link to that guide. I will give you some brief tips, but for full detail, just go to that topic.
One of my favorite tips to give is to never give up. You may think your photos really suck, and they might actually be horrible. Your goal in photography is take full advantage of the kind of gear you have. Basically, if you use a phone to spot, you are going to want to be fairly close to the aircraft. Even if your photos are horrible, just don’t give up and ask for advice. Ask. If you do have any questions about your photos, I’m always here.


Good Job on the Interview Stephen
Glad to have you here at IFI :-)
Good Info on JRRAviation!


Great to be part of this great team 👍🏻

Thanks for the interview! It was a pleasure working with you guys! Very organized and professional.


Nice interview! Can’t wait for my next interview! :)


Glad to hear you liked it :)


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