IFI Interview With Community Member, Aussie Wombat!

Lol. So true. I can’t imagine infinite flight without airliners in KNUC though

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It’s always great to know a bit more about our community members. Nice to know a bit more about @Aussie_Wombat!

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Thanks for interviewing me!


Without a doubt! @Aussie_Wombat

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That was pretty swell! :)

Good Job!

MD11 and DC10 aren’t coming in global


They’re coming after global.


Is that confirmed? 🤔🤔🤔

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It was indeed confirmed by developer, Philippe (see below). The MD-11/DC-10 will not be in the global flight update.

Anyways, we’re beginning to stray off a bit from the original topic – let’s get back to it, please.

Yet another nice interview from the IFI, keep up the great work! Great answers too, Tane. I learned a lot more about you! ;)


@Ryan_Farell@Aussie_Wombat… MaxSez: “Good Job” again Ryan! “We” don’t care if you go"… Got a mouse in your pocket Wombat? Is that the Royal “We” or the collegial “We” LOL. Interesting boy’o I cleaned planes and worked the ramp when I was coming up to. Ya get to walk the walk and talk the talk early in your life’s journey. Once you get your tIcket punched and joined the Band of Aviator Brothers you’ll be in like Flynn. Fly safe & smart both of you.
Remember there are Old Pilots & Bold Pilots but very few Old Bold Pilots.
Warm Regards Stalwards.


Thank you for those kind words Max! On behalf of @Aussie_Wombat and I, we appreciate you on the community! Have a great day! :)

p.s. it’s night but who cares lol


That was my first as well!

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I can also do a interview

I’m depressed now that it won’t come out

You either have to PM a interviewer or file a google form about who you think would be good to interview.

Anyway I will get back on topic sorry

I am doing the interview

Interesting if they interviewed me, lol. I wonder what’s the mods would think

Great Interview! I love these, it’s great to know more about my fellow IFC members!

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