IFI Interview With Community Member, Aussie Wombat!

Hello there! I’m Ryan, @Ryan_Farell interviewer/editor for Infinite Flight Interviews. Today, we will interview @Aussie_Wombat ! Sit back, relax, enjoy!

How is your flight training going?

“My flight training is going really well, as I am fast tracking my way to solo, I have been really enjoying it. I will be flying another lesson next week over in New Zealand whilst I’m there on holidays. I’m in flight training in a Foxbat A22LS.”

What’s your favorite part of Infinite Flight/IFC?

“Well of Infinite Flight, it is the realism , and with global, the realism will be off the scale. With the IFC, I just like being around other av-geeks, people who know what they’re talking about.”

What is your dislikes on Infinite Flight & IFC?

“Well, in Infinite Flight, it’s probably people who know nothing about aviation flying on live…oh yeah, and also airlines @ NUC. In the IFC, Probably people who have just joined and start bossing people around like they own the place. Also, everyone on Instagram commenting on Laura or @ Infinite Flight’s posts, saying that they are quitting Infinite Flight cos’ the update’s taking too long. So if you are one of those people: We don’t care if you go, it’s actually a better place without you.”

What’s your opinion on Infinite Flight’s upcoming Global Flight?

"Well I like the other things coming in the update other then the globe. Yeah flying the world is cool, but I think my favorite things in Global are:

Sky rendering improved and terrain
Engine Start/Stop
New Liveries
And much more"

What’s your life outside of Infinite Flight?

"Well, I am a pilot in training…
Um I don’t do much outside of the aviation world. I fly to NZ a few times a year, I love to go plane spotting. I attend high school and I have dreams of getting a CPL. For work I clean planes at my aeroclub I fly at."

What got you into aviation?

“Well, honestly, I’m not sure, what got me hooked though, was Infinite Flight and the community. The earliest flight I can remember was a Qantas flight, on a B738. I was quite young then so I don’t remember anything else.”

How’s Air New Zealand Virtual coming along?

“It’s finished , all done and approved. We are just waiting for the Global Update to come out and we will start services. I think it’ll be a blast.”

Where did you find out about Infinite Flight?

“I really needed a good flight simulator, I had been searching the App Store for a few months and stumbled upon IF. This was back in late 2013ish. And even then I thought the graphics were great etc. I’m still not sure what brought me to spend $7.99AUD on it. But I did. And I was so pleased with it. The first aircraft I bought was the Boeing 777-300ER.”

Thanks for letting us interviewing you @Aussie_Wombat ! I enjoyed interviewing you for my first ever IFI interview and I am sure @Rowdy_Kepler was pleased as well!


Great interview!

Can’t wait to read more!!


Great interview. I would love if more people that have real world experience to be interviewed.


Me too, it was also my first. I must have gotten at least half of my xp flying around in it on TS1 SoCal.


Unfortunately, I am out of likes for 11 hours so I can’t like your comments but they are all really cool tbh and thank you for the compliments


Great interview Ryan thanks for being a great interviewer for IFI you represent!


Lol. So true. I can’t imagine infinite flight without airliners in KNUC though

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It’s always great to know a bit more about our community members. Nice to know a bit more about @Aussie_Wombat!

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Thanks for interviewing me!


Without a doubt! @Aussie_Wombat

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That was pretty swell! :)

Good Job!

MD11 and DC10 aren’t coming in global


They’re coming after global.


Is that confirmed? 🤔🤔🤔

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It was indeed confirmed by developer, Philippe (see below). The MD-11/DC-10 will not be in the global flight update.

Anyways, we’re beginning to stray off a bit from the original topic – let’s get back to it, please.

Yet another nice interview from the IFI, keep up the great work! Great answers too, Tane. I learned a lot more about you! ;)


@Ryan_Farell@Aussie_Wombat… MaxSez: “Good Job” again Ryan! “We” don’t care if you go"… Got a mouse in your pocket Wombat? Is that the Royal “We” or the collegial “We” LOL. Interesting boy’o I cleaned planes and worked the ramp when I was coming up to. Ya get to walk the walk and talk the talk early in your life’s journey. Once you get your tIcket punched and joined the Band of Aviator Brothers you’ll be in like Flynn. Fly safe & smart both of you.
Remember there are Old Pilots & Bold Pilots but very few Old Bold Pilots.
Warm Regards Stalwards.


Thank you for those kind words Max! On behalf of @Aussie_Wombat and I, we appreciate you on the community! Have a great day! :)

p.s. it’s night but who cares lol


That was my first as well!

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I can also do a interview

I’m depressed now that it won’t come out