IFI Interview with Chief 305

Interviewed IFI Head Mod @cpt_chris, Interviewed by IFI Owner @Rowdy_Kepler, Interviewed September 25th 2017 Requested by Anonymous.

-Interviewer, What’s your favorite parts of the Infinite Flight & The community?

-Chris, Infinite Flight has been a great success for Laura, probably the best Project she has done. With global this app will explode, the community could have occasions where you want to punch a wall, but the best part is sharing your passion of aviation with others alike.

-Interviewer, What’s your opinion on Infinite Flights upcoming Global Update?

-Chris, Massive Massive Massive, you get where I’m going… Milestone for Infinite Flight, the scenery, the topography, the everything has been made perfectly. These small team of developers have basically made something better than most multi million dollar companies in my opinion, sure X Plane or FSX or P3D can beat it, but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars for that? With no Live and ATC Service? And the convenience of having everything at the palm of my hands, what could beat this? Great work to the developers and stay patient.

-Interviewer, Who do you think our next moderator will be on IFC?

-Chris, I strongly believe @Levet will be the next mod, that man is a leader. He has been contributing on this community way too much, he brings allot to the table in terms of moderation. He is a mentor, and a what you call a man that can teach you how to live. He has personally mentored me on allot of personal stuff and he is a very great friend to me, the man is a father of 3 but hopefully he will be the father of 40,000 when he becomes the next IFC mod.

-Interviewer, How is your Virtual Airline, SoFlo going along?

-Chris, SoFlo air has been a unique project, it is going through a process of inactivity due to most pilots being bored, but we’re waiting for global and we have over 1500 routes from our Miami International Airport Hub! I work hard every day behind the scenes for this VA and will continue to do so!

-Interviewer, So how is your Flight Training going?

-Chris, Flight training is going great! Next week I will take my check ride, Hope all goes well so I can be a Private Pilot!

-Interviewer, What’s your life outside of Infinite Flight?

-Chris, I like chillin with my hermanos, my girl’s, I like going for long walks, like going for runs in south beach, like going to south beach, obviously I fly, go to the gym, hang out at KMIA, hang out all over Miami, like driving, and at least every 3 months I travel somewhere (mostly Cuba) also enjoy going all over Florida and chilling, Sometimes I like going to Places like NY and L.A and sometimes Atlanta, yea I have a life, but if you ask some of the airport editors they’ll disagree! I am like Mark Denton, strongly agree with my 2nd rights

-Interviewer, And lastly what got you into Aviation?

-Chris, In Cuba, As a child growing up I lived right next to MUHA (Jose Marti/Havana International airport) My first flight was 5 years ago from MUHA-KMIA to come to move here to Miami, my first flight was in a 737 and I loved it, Ever since then I have wanted to become a Pilot.

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Chief 3.0.5 In Da House 😈! Hope yall learn about me better with this post.


Great interview! It’s nice seeing our fellow IFC members on the spotlight.

I’ve got a few theories 👀

Well, one theory actually 😂


Emphasis on the plural 😜


I’ve heard you are from Miami and Cuba. I hope you are doing alright after the devastating hurricane season 👍


@ewanfleming No the Plural is correct, atleast I dont have to make a fake girlfreind up unlike some people 👀👀👀.

Cough Cough Mary…


@Insertusernamehere literally just got chief 305’d


Very nice interview, I can’t wait until I’m interviewed, but I can wait as there is more to be done (the rest of the mods/devs, airport editors, etc.)

ay take this to #off-topic IFAET.


You’ll be interviewed once someone requests one for you.

I’m already in the system, I’m waiting patiently, I don’t care to get interviewed right now, I’m gonna let other people go first

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