IFI Interview With Balloonchaser

Firstly would just like to thank everyone for the questions they submitted for @Balloonchaser and we have got heaps of questions to get through, so hope you guys enjoy.

Let’s begin…

How did you discover Infinite Flight? (Submitted by @Wattsup_jet)

I discovered IF by rolling around the web looking for mobile flight sims! I sort of just saw it and bought it…

How did you take up/discover ballooning? (Submitted by @RTG113)

I went to a balloon festival in New Jersey in 2007 and from that moment I was hooked! Went every year after that and I am still going to that festival now as a Student Pilot.

How’s your experience been with IFATC? (Submitted by @Rowdy_Kepler)

It has been pretty good so far… I really can’t complain!

What’s your goal in IF? (Submitted by @Rowdy_Kepler)

My overall goal on IF is to get the glorious Hot Air Balloon added! On IFC, my goal is to become just like @Tyler_Shelton as he is a role model online for me.

What is your favorite VA? (Submitted by @Delta_Alpha_Lima)

It would have to be between Frontier VA and Hawaiian VA… FVA is large and is active but HVA is smaller in size but to be honest, I like the larger planes and FVA doesn’t have access to large planes.

Are balloons your favorite thing about aviation? (Submitted by @Boeing747-8)

Yes…Yes they are!

What is the next big IF featured you want added? (Submitted by @PocketAviation)

Either the Hot Air Balloon or the B747 Dreamlifter!

What can we expect from you in the future? (Submitted by @Ryan_Vidad)

You guys can expect a lot from me as I am working on somethings right now for IF and it should just be fun!

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Hot Air Balloons? (Submitted by @Laura_Murphy)

Favorite Thing: The feeling of flying and freedom
Least Favorite Thing: That you have to land…

Have you ever had an accident whilst in a balloon? (Submitted by @Chris_S)

Yes… It wasn’t one that you would see on the news but it was an accident. I have seen ones go tragic but never been in one (thank god)

How often do you go hot air ballooning? (Submitted by @Daniel14)

I try to go 4 times a month.

What leads you to giving away more likes than you receive? Do you love the community that much? (Submitted by @Delta_Alpha_Lima)

I give more likes on IFC as from past experiences, it makes people feel good when a person likes a picture that they took or had a nice thought or idea.

I try to bring that to IFC as I want to show that IFC can be a place to just be free and to be who you are (Maybe I can be annoying… But I guess that’s how I am).

Who is Jackbot and how did it start? (Submitted by @Boeing747-8)

JackBot came down to me from our wonderful Regulars and Moderators on IFC. I’m not quiet sure how it started but I know that it is now a big thing on IFC and it’s just something cool (ADD THE TITLE ON IFC FOR ME)

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this, and also thanks @Balloonchaser for taking the time to participate in the interview.

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Still doesn’t answer if Jackbot is going to be open source soon :(


As you probably understand we got a lot of questions submitted and not every single one could be answered. If you are interested in this please contact @Balloonchaser directly.


Loved your answers @Balloonchaser.

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Suspicious… haha
Nice interview!

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JackBot won’t be open source anytime soon. Sorry

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Great interview! My question still hasn’t been answered though… @Balloonchaser cookies or cupcakes? 😂😂

Cookies are the best

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I agree 100%. Cookies are the bomb.

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Great questions, great answers, well done @Declan_O ;)

@Declan_O Great first interview glad to have you on the Team here at IFI!

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Thanks, @mbmhwue148. It really means a lot.


Great interview! I got high hopes for you! Glad to have you on the team! 🙂👌🏻

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Thank-you. It really means a lot, and is greatly appreciated.


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