IFI Interview// Submit Questions for Ryan Farell!

Submit questions for @Ryan_Farell he is owner of Sun Country Virtual Airline and part of other organizations… Make sure to ask some great questions! Interview will be posted at the end of the weekend! Enjoy!

Here is IFI Main Thread- Infinite Flight Interviews Thread

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Fixed sorry about that

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Hey @Rowdy_Kepler. I have a very interesting for Sun Country. What happened to your VA and is the sun finally setting on Sun Country? lol

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How did you find IF?

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@Rowdy_Kepler. MaxSez: Here’s a question or trwo for that “Linient Dude”?

1). What are your aviation related education, management and personal qualifications that qualify you to “Own” a Virtual Airline accredited to IF?

2). How many “Reguler” Members are presently on Sun Countries rolls?

3). “Part of Other Organizations”, What are they, what positions do you hold?

4). Wkly on avarage how much time do you spend managing SunCountry?

5). Do you hold a RW Pilots Certification, what levels/qualifications?

6). Do you fly IF, what grade, how many hours of Flight Time of Record, What is your IF personal Call Sign?

Look forward to the IFI interview Rowdey, Do Good Work.


Awesome questions guys! Please note that not all of them have to be for Sun Country Virtual, some questions can be questions that are normally asked on a regular basis during an IFI interview. :)

Starting to get a good feeling for that name… ;)

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Keep bringing in the Questions!!


Do you think FDS will ever bring Sun Country into the game (With DC-10 or B737)??

What are you long term plans with Sun Country Virtual?

Whats your favorite airline?? OTHER then SCX. :P

What do you hope Sun Country does with their new plan (Of expanding from other airports (Not MSP)??

Favorite thing on IFC

Favorite thing in IF

Least favorite thing of IFC

Least favorite thing of IF

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@Maxmustang @Balloonchaser great questions! I enjoy reading those questions a lot!

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1 more day to submit questions!! keep them coming guys!

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How did you come up with the he idea to create Sun Country?

If you were to give anyone advice on creating a VA website for the first time, what would it be? ;)


All questions have been submitted and the interview should be posted tomorrow or Wednesday. Thanks for all the questions!

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