IFI First Interview! And it’s with the Amazing Chris Levet !

Interviewed @Levet , interviewed by IFI Owner @Rowdy_Kepler on September 22nd 2017, Interview requested by @Brandon_Kreuter

-Interviewer, So what made you decide on the great Infinite Flight Mentorship Program?

-Chrislevet232, Ever since I joined the community I noticed that a good part of the community needed assistance one way or another with Infinite Flight. The tutorials are a great resource but I felt that our pilots were in need of hands on training with instructors that share the same passion for aviation! I asked a good friend @Brandon_K if he would help me carry out my vision of creating a program that would teach students the basics up to planning flights for the release of global. So we put together a package to present to the community and it seemed like we had the support of the community as soon as we made our first announcement. We added @Wren to our staff and then decided on the next steps to build a complement of active IFC members with various levels of simulation experience and real life piloting. This community has a collaboration of skilled pilots, air traffic controllers and resourceful members all within a topic or comments reach. I wanted to bring these individuals together to form a team to enhance the Infinite Flight experience through dedication, passion and a strong willingness to help others.

-Interviewer, What are your Global opinions and speculations?

-ChrisLevet232, I think that the upcoming implementation of Global will be a tremendous accomplishment for Flying Development Studios. This simulator has drawn crowds from all different reaches of the world and allowing them to fly from one country to another while enjoying the breathtaking views provided by the satellite imagery is unprecedented for a mobile device simulator. Many of us are fortunate to travel by air in real life but unless you have an exorbitantly funded bank account traveling all over the world is not an easy feat. This will allow aviation enthusiasts from all around the world and all different age levels to navigate their favorite home airports, far away lands or some real challenging approaches with weather and terrain in mind.

-Interviewer, what goes on in your Real life outside of Infinite Flight?

-Chrislevet232, In real life I have been a volunteer firefighter for 17 years currently holding the rank of Battalion Chief. One of my key responsibilities when we aren’t out on a fire call or conducting fire prevention is to ensure that our firefighters are properly and adequately trained. We have a department of approximately 50 members ranging in age from 14 to 70 years old. I truly enjoy helping others and I believe in bringing the best out of people by sharing knowledge, networking and debriefing incidents to figure out what went well and what didn’t. Much like aviation, people’s lives and property our in our hands and it is our job to teach the upcoming generations everything that we have learned.

-Interviewer, One last question what got you into/found out about Infinite Flight?

-ChrisLevet232, I have some relatives that were pilots in the Armed Forces (USAF) and the US Coast Guard so when I was about 6 years old my love for aviation was exploited. We used to go to every air show at our local Air Force Base and Air National Guard Base. Then I went on my first flight in 1992 as we traveled to Salt Lake City to see family. I remember the approach like it was yesterday, not too long after that I saved my money for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Years down the road “2012” I found Infinite Flight on lunch break while working night shift. I played here and there but it wasn’t until late 2015 where my time spent flying became a more common occurrence. I found the community then but didn’t create an account until this year and that is when my enjoyment for Infinite Flight kicked into high gear.

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So we don’t get to send questions to Chris in IFI?


It’s by the Recommendation Form

That’s the only way this is different than IFN. But hey, that’s not a good thing. Not really fun when you don’t get to ask questions.


Yea. Almost to similar to IFN.


Too bad, I could’ve asked some amazing questions to Chris


There is no reason to compare us to IFN, IFN is a great “News and Interviewing program” we are just here for great interviews on people around the community! :)

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Who knows what may come from another group ;)


Ok, I’ll make IFQA then. @dush19 you wanna join?
Infinite Flight Questions and Answers.


This is not the place to be Rude or have sarcasm Please this is just an interview thread

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The thing is he has a point. It’s basically IFN without the news. IFN do interviews on a schedule

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I know that so your saying that there cant be both of IFN & IFI? All I started this for was to get to know more people on this Great Community! IFN & IFI can do interviews that means we can get to know people faster! I see it as a great deal!

Then what’s to stop someone making IFQA or something pretty much the exact same but with a slight twist. What I am getting at here is that having 2 groups that interview people will get annoying. There isn’t an infinite amount of members to interview that may have an interesting story. They more than likely won’t want to be interviewed again leading one of the places to fall and crumble.

@oscar_mur @Rowdy_Kepler

I advise you two guys to take it to PM and work something out. ;)

Nice interview!


This was definitely a great first interview I’m also very excited about these Interviews coming soon!


Thank you for this opportunity and I hope that the community finds my interview informative, motivational and that they see the real potential of things to come.

Chris Levet


Nice interview @Levet. Would be nice to get to know some other forum members like this 🙂


This is a great idea, nice interview! Keep them coming! Ask them what they dislike the most about the community and sim?

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ooh I like that question that will definitely be in our next interview!

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@Rowdy_Kepler… Damm the torpedo Rowdy, Full Speed Ahead! The "Fire Dog"
set the tone! Just one of the guys, not some “IF Personality” basking in the Glow. Ignore the 10% who always go negative and find fault or recommend a better way, their way, Well Done for originality, your format follows the KISS principle which precludes peanut bloviation which distract and baits. Warm Regards