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Fly to the future, with the future

We have been completely re-done, including our website, and our crew centre. Join now!

A message from our founder and CEO, @rebal15

I founded IFHUB, because I was once an inexperienced pilot and controller, and I wanted nothing more than to join a VA, however, I had not reached the requirements. That was when I decided to create IFHUB, a revolutionary VO that anybody can join, regardless of how experienced they may be. We would like to unite pilots and controllers from every corner of the globe, as one big community of highly skilled personel. We will be recognised wherever we go, and anybody who wears the IFHUB callsign will be known as a great pilot, leader, controller, and person.
Fly to the future, with the future

What we do

We strive to bring pilots and controllers to be the best that they can be. We offer first class training from highly skilled people, and anybody can request to be trained on anything at any time. We will hold large scale events, which everyone is welcome to (our members get priority, and our controllers will control). Because we don’t have any routes, we rely on PIREP filing. Every member will have to file PIREPS, in order to maintain their rank, and to gain awards. Every member also has their very own Airtable database, where they can view all of their stats. You can view test user of this here

Why are we unique?

IFHUB is unique in several ways. We have no requirements, so you do not need to have any experience to fly with us (although some is recommended!). Because of this, you can request training at any time, and our first class trainers will give you help. Another way that we are unique is that we do not have any routes. You fly where you want, as long as it is a valid route (not EGLL to EGKK for example). This helps to build up your experience of flying, and so the more you fly, the more awards you can gain, and the faster you climb the ranks! The higher rank you are, the more priority you have in events, and the more responsibilities within the VO you have. You can learn more about our ranks here.
Our fleet is also unique, as you can fly most aircraft available in Infinite Flight. You must however pick aircraft suitable for the route that you are flying - a Cessna 152 is not a good idea if you are flying from the UK to the US. You can view more about our fleet here.


If you join us as a pilot, your main focus will be to log flights with your IFHUB callsign. You will file PIREPS, which count towards your miles, hours, and ranks, which you can view on your personal Airtable Database. You also help to contribute to the VO’s total miles, and total hours, so the more you fly, the better the VO does!
You will also be part of large events, and your rank decides certain things such as what position you fly, and priority in booking slots. Most importantly, you will become a better pilot! This is assessed over the course of your time with us, and contributes to awards, and mentions in our Pilot of the Month Scheme.


As a controller with IFHUB, you will help to host the large events that we hold. You too will log your hours via Airtable, and all of your stats can be viewed in your database, which you are given access too when you join. You can gain ranks, and this determines whether you control in events, or even help to take exams for the pilots. You may also fly, although it is recommended you stick to your section (ATC or Pilot).


One of our main priorities are events. We hold not only regular IFC events, but weekly events and groupflights, solely for IFHUB pilots. Events can be requested, and we’ll organise them! If you like events, but never seem to have the time, join us now!

VA Partnerships

We are hoping to become partners with some of the leading VAs on the IFC. We will provide training, events, and other privileges to VAs that are partnered with us. If you would like to parter with us, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can see our partners below

Virgin Group Virtual Airline

We are officially partnered with VGVA! We train all of their pilots to the IFHUB curriculum, and we also provide them with weekly events, along with our own exclusive IFHUB events. VGVA pilots get direct entry into IFHUB, no application is required.

Join VGVA today!

Virgin Virtual Group | Back. New. Better

You can apply for any vacant position. Just PM @rebal15.

Senior Management

CEO - @rebal15

COO - @DanyyRude

Other Staff

Pilot Trainer 1 - VACANT

Pilot Trainer 2 - VACANT

Pilot Trainer 3 - VACANT

Pilot Admin - VACANT

ATC Trainer - @BinaryChess


Marketing Officer - @flying_infinitely

Recruitment Manager - @IFphotography127

Events Manager - @TRDubh

Events Manager - VACANT

You can find our website here

We use Airtable as our method for logging flights and ATC. You can view one of our forms that we use here

Please check them out, you can find out more about our ranks and awards, as well as our fleet on our website!

If you would like to apply to be a member, you can visit our website, or click the links at the top of this thread. If you would like to apply to be a staff member, please don’t hesitate to PM me.

You can send us an email here: ifhubva@gmail.com

From all of us at IFHUB, we thank you for taking the time to read this thread, and we hope to see you in the skies with us soon!

Fly to the future, with the future


Cool thread but I think you did the picture headings wrong oof

well either wrong or couldn’t do anything about it but yeah

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What do you mean? I can’t see anything wrong.

like it’s just a black space

Oh that’s not happening on mine.

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oh, must be just me then :/

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Looks great! Best of luck with this VO!

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Thank you very much!

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Great thread! I’m in the middle of applying for the events manager position as we speak!

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Looking forward to seeing what you can bring us!

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We are recruiting staff! Please check our thread (scroll up) to see what positions are vacant! DM me to apply!

Just submitted a pilot application ! Looking forward to hearing back from IFHUB VA :)

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Welcome! Glad to have you on our wing.

The blank thing is on mine as well…

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Oh dear. That’s not meant to be happening. Maybe it’s just different screen sizes.

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@rebal15 I got the acception email from the recruitment Center but when I reopened Gmail the slack link doesn’t show anymore for any reason… Could you because if that send me the email again or send me the link via dm? That would be very nice from you! Have a nice day

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Yep! I’ve sent you a DM.

IFHUB is now partnered with Virgin Group Virtual Airline!

IFHUB and VGVA are proud to say that a new partnership has been formed. After hard work, and long periods of negotiations, it has come to be! Keep reading to find out about this very special partnership…


IFHUB is now in charge of training VGVA pilots, to a higher standard than ever before! All VGVA members are entitled to training, provided by our excellent team of staff members, that have expertise in specific areas of flying, to give you a more personalised experience.


IFHUB will produce events not only for itself, but for VGVA too! IFHUB will still hold its private events and IFC events, but will also organise weekly events and groupflights for VGVA. This also means that IFHUB and VGVA will get a multiplier in all events that either VA holds. You’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say!

Applicants for IFHUB

All VGVA members get direct entry to IFHUB, which means that they can join us without having to complete any testing or requirements, which means they will have access to all that IFHUB offers, including more frequent events, freedom fo flight, and our first class Pilot Academy. They can even become controllers with us!

Remember, you can join these 2 amazing Virtual Airlines down below

To join IFHUB, you need no requirements, although you do need to pass a simple test to begin training. You can join IFHUB here.

To join VGVA, there are specific requirements that you must adhere to, you can find out more on their website. Join them now here!

Special thanks to @Velocity23, whom without him and his VA experience, this partnership wouldn’t have been possible! Thanks!


We’re so excited to see what this partnership brings! – V23

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