IFGER - German IF Alliance | Vee have vays to make you fly!


to your German speaking virtual INFINITE FLIGHT community!

Dedicated Callsign: IFGER

Our group consists of aviation enthusiasts, hobby simmers and professional pilots from Germany,
Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Belgium.

We plan and host a series of weekly group flights with exciting locations and challenging missions, and offer a flight training concept for every member to seek and maintain a higher grade. We encourage each member to participate actively within the groups activity and appearance.
We take great value in respectful demeanor towards each other.

Making friends from learning with-, from-, and about one another.

Homepage | Instagram | YouTube | VO Portal

Why German IF Alliance?

We are the most active german speaking fan group with the highest concentration of Grade 5ers who were given an excellent training on a weekly basis. Handpicking the finest locations on the globe for exciting group events with lasting memories.

Infinite Flight is an awesome tool, to put your ideas and creativity into practical application.
From professional to challenging and whacky, taking Infinite Flight to the Max!
Theres something for everyone.
Members are welcome to look up and share knowledge all about aviation.

Our group life operates on multiple platforms such as Facebook for sharing overall creativity and Discord for all things organization and dates.

We benefit from professional expertise by real life aviation personnel, such as pilots, controllers as well as flight attendants, to mention a few. In a nutshell - your most important INFINITE FLIGHT Addon -

Who to ask?

Group Founders:

Group Admins / Operations:

Where to find us

  • You meet us mainly on the Training Server and Expert Server, either occasionally on daily long or short-haul flights, or group flights on the weekends.

Reoccurring Group Flight Dates

  • Our main times for Group Flights/Activities are:
    Every Friday 18:00 ZULU: Flight Training / Landings or pattern work / β€œFor better use” on CS/TS
    Every Saturday and Sunday 20:00 CET / 19:00 ZULU: Big Group Flights, Events, Contests


  • Discord App/ Desktop Client

Does one have to have a high grade to participate?

  • Nope, our philosophy says anyone has to start somewhere. We encourage and support with tips and knowledge so that everyone achieves a high level and maintains it in the long term.

We pave the way to ensure a smooth infrastructure for communication and information and coordination of the group. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask :)


Oh my God. The best trailer I’ve ever seen and an amazing presentation.


Welcome to another episode of our Saturday Group Flight from Palma to Munich all Lufthansa Flyout πŸ›«πŸ›«πŸ›«

Saturday 07AUG21 1800Z on Training Server
All Lufthansa Liveries Aircraft



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Beste Gruppe in Infinite flight

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Happy birthday IFGER. This VO is 3 years old now! πŸ₯³πŸ˜…


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