IFGAC - Infinte Flight General Aviation Club | Join the Adventure! [Official Thread]

Glad to hear! Hoping I hear back soon.

Thanks for applying! Contact @StormyAviation or @David_Mullen if you run into any issues “getting in”


Hello there, I seem very interested in joining here, but before that, I want to ask. How is the Route System in this VA? and how does the Pirep system (or Rank Structure) work? you can reply directly here / give me a reply via Pm. Thank you in advance

We have no routes, but invent one for most group flights. Pireps are logged on our crew center website. There is no rank structure.

We are a small group of members that enjoy occasional group flights and events. No pressure. Just trying to have a little fun.

Thanks for your interest, and see you in the skies.


great post just signed up cant wait to join

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Very Interesting, i already applied, thanks 😊

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Thanks for accepting me in this VA. It is brilliant! I hope to join some group flights and events in the future!

any news on me joining its been awhile did not get anything from you guys need me to re-join

Just applied, looks like a amazing VA and the thread is very well done.

Maybe this club is not active anymore, I didn’t get any response on my request to join, did you?

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who knows what’s up with them but would’ve been amazing to join them

Maybe start our own GAclub?

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Reach out to @David_Mullen about joining its possible they haven’t seen your application.

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@PHMEL, @Delta21, (cc @USA_ATC)

IFGAC is still active, though the membership is small, and the staff is down to two people – myself and @StormyAviation. If you have applied and not gotten an acceptance memo here on IFC within a couple weeks, please let me or StormyAviation know. I apologize for any delay you might have had.

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Thanks for your response David. I applied two times already, shall I try an other time? Hope it will work this time. Really like to join.


Sorry for the trouble. We recently changed over to a new application procedure, and I think you went down the wrong rabbit hole. You applied at the old crew center site (if-gaclub.rf.gd). You need to re-apply at the new one. Sorry about that.

Instructions for the new application are near the bottom of the initial post in this thread. In the picture below from that post, the button pointed to by the arrow labeled “1” opens up the instructions list you need to follow to submit the application. The button pointed to by the arrow labeled “2” can be used to jump to the login page for the new crew center where you apply by creating a new user and filling in your information. Thanks, and let me know if you have questions or run into issues.


I think you had the same problem as PHMEL. See my note above regarding the issue of applying to the old website.

Just completed the application, Cant wait to join!

Thanks, have filed the application and will wait your response. Looking forward meeting others who enjoy ‘slow-and-low’ as you called it on this sim.

Hi there, my application was accepted. Thanks for that. Could you let me know what I can expect now as future steps. I checked in on PIRAP and filed a flight.
PHMEL Michiel