IFGA Keynote Event

Good evening everyone.

We have been working on something for a while now, this month’s announcement will be presented to you in a whole different way, never before seen by any other VA nor VO in the IFC.

It’s official, May 11! 👀

Feel free to set join us, streaming now!


Looking good🔥

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Absolutely stunning 🤩, glad to be apart of this virtual organisation.

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Wow, this is a m a z i n g!


Watched this. Was actually very cool. Job well done! Bravo! 😎


Awesome! looks great.

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Thank you everyone for the amazing support, we truly enjoy listening to your feedback!

Captions and subtitles are now also available in the Keynote video in 5 different languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French and a few more.

We’re happy to see everyone enjoy this first introduction Keynote of IFGA and we can’t wait to bring you more! 💙


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