IFFMC Reborn


IFFMC Reborn

A digital FMC for Infinite Flight

What is IFFMC?

IFFMC is a digital FMC for infinite flight, it is based off of the 737 FMC, but has been modified

Contributing to the Project

I haven't got around to properly setting up the GitHub yet, so if you want to help please PM me.

How much will it cost?

You can purchase IFFMC for the low price of $0 (currency irrelevant). IFFMC is completely open source, meaning anyone can contribute and download. Please see the below section for download infomation.

Where can I get IFFMC?

IFFMC Reborn is still in dev, but a release announcement will be made here. Our GitHub page is https://github.com/Sam-Neale/iffmc-reborn


More on the way

Clicky video

Developed By @Sam_Neale, Logo by @Hyperavation


Sorry about the price guys, ik it’s a bit expensive.


Video of early FMC, we even have nice clicks! https://github.com/Sam-Neale/iffmc-reborn/blob/master/picsnvids/click.mov?raw=true

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Going to redo the rendering engine for the display, found some old videos from Mentor Aviation which have been very useful to creating the displays. But the current rendering engine is terrible so 😕

Very cool project!

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Redid the Rendering engine, and boy am I thankful I did. Here is a sneak peak!


Great Job Sam!

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Update on Project

Hey all, just an update on the project, i have been trying to figure out a way to implement SIDs & STARs, since FDS do not make this data public. Good chance (sadly) initial versions of IFFMC will launch without support for SIDs & STARs (just have to enter waypoints in manually), sorry about this.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the route builder. It auto creates pages when you are out of room (personal favourite thing to work on). The GIF below was taken a bit before I finished (just shows the builder, not adding to IF), so take that as you will.

This latest development brings me very close to possibly publishing soon-ish™, I can’t wait to share this project with you all!


Its a digital FMC (Like the ones you would find in a real aircraft), It’ll be available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

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This is very cool, I’m eager to use this!

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Thanks! Means a lot!

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Okay this is nice i will have a look on this till it will be released nice work till now 👍

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Good news, I’ve implemented a new feature called IFFMC Routes, for people familiar with IRL FMC’s think of this like the Company route, you can learn how to create them at https://sam-neale.github.io/IFFMC-Routes, I’ve outlined some use cases in my quickly built little website, (I am sorry in advance for the documentation video, I’ll re record it next week or so).

In other news I might have a solution to my SID/STAR predicament which I don’t want to make public just yet, but stay tuned.

As usual, thanks for the support!



IFFMC Routes has been renamed to IFFMC Data in preparation for some SID/STAR data.

New site: IFFMC Data

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As part of a major update, the following new features have been added to the development version of IFFMC.
  • Redid the rendering engine again, it’s even better
  • Added short term support for SIDs and STARs based off of the “IFFMC Data” database
  • Option to restart FMC if aircraft/livery is “Unknown”.

Next plans are to work on the actual look of the FMC, since its a tad unrealistic for my liking. I will then look at releasing the first public edition.

Sneak peak:


Oh yea, also. Live development updates: Trello

Just came across this Sam. Excellent looking project and a very interesting subject. Wish you all the best and hope we can use this soon.

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