IFFM_Juanito’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ RODN

Hello IFC!

Welcome to my tracking thread, I’m currently in the IFATC recruitment process. I’ll will be opening up ground and tower frequencies for you to come and do some T&G

Status: CLOSED

Airport: RODN

Server: Training Server

Hello! You already have a topic for your ATC Tracking Thread no need to make a new one unless you can’t edit it anymore you can continue here:

The thing is, that topic I can’t edit I don’t know why, for that reason I create this one.

Ok that’s strange I guess you can do it on this one.

In this one yes, but in the other one I don’t know what happen😓

I need people pleaseeee!!!

I’ll come.

Thank you very much

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If you can give me a feed back, could be great!

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ATC Feedback- You have 2 mistakes you can work on. (P4-LOT)

  • [17:56:36:] @Andres was still on final so I should have been sequenced and given a clearance as number 2. 3.3 Inbounds | Infinite Flight

  • [17:58:22:] In this instance we have @Andres and C-FYPK requesting a runway charge both on a upwind leg you missed the sequence with Andres_Arevalo pattern entry and you could have extended the upwind for C-FYPK and have him enter right downwind instead of left downwind to not cause problems with both runways but you could extend his downwind but he left so it’s alright either way.

You can check out this topic made by ShaneAviation to fix common mistakes it helped me a lot!

Overall it was a good session just work on these mistakes and I hope this helps you with your ATC skills! You can add me to a tag list. Good luck!


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