IFflyer's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello IFC!
I have passed my written test some time ago, and I will hopefully be taking the practical test soon!

To ensure that I pass the practical test, I’ll need more practice, and a feedback from you.

I would really appreciate it if you stop by at N/A on Training Server now, to do a pattern work, and then give me your feedback later on! 🙏 Thanks!

Runways In Use :

26L & 26R.


I’ll come by, give me a minute.

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I will also drop by. Callsign will be ROBRO. Give me just a few minutes ;) .

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Thank You ! 🙏
@lucaviness @RoBroStar


Is it fine if I come in 25 mins… Expect me in 1530Z

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Sure! You’re more than welcome! 😊

Thanks for the ATC today @IFflyer !

Just a little feedback.

1). Go around for Lucaviness’s flight was very late, try to give the command a little earlier.

2). Aim to give the runway exit command when an aircraft is at around 50-70 KTS. 40KTS was a tad late.

I liked how you gave a pattern entry for runway changes and changed the direction of traffic afterwards.

I also liked how you gave clearances nice and early.

I will try to drop by later today and intentionally make some errors next time to see if you can catch them. ;)

Good Day,


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Hello @RoBroStar

Thank you! Your feedback Is much appreciated 🙏 I have acknowledged and noted your feedback, and I will pay more attention to these mistakes in the future to make sure that they won’t happen again.

Thank you for your compliments! Made my day! :)

Looking forward to see you again! 😊

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Hi, my callsign will be N128TL.

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My calllsign is TL1208 now.

Overall amazing job, almost flawless!! There were a few things I’ll point out below. I’ve also put Zulu timestamps next to everything so you can go back and reviews this session in your replays.


14:55:32 - I was on the upwind of runway 5R and requested a runway change. While you can have me enter right downwind, when there are more aircraft, it’ll be much more organized to enter me left downwind. That way, 5L aircraft are making left traffic and 5R aircraft are making right traffic. Also, you could have squeezed me in before ROBRO (which you did later) and just sequenced him behind me.

15:00:35 - As @RoBroStar said above, my go-around was a tad late, but you’ll work on that! :) If the incoming aircraft is at 200ft AGL and it looks like there might be a conflict, have them go-around. Better safe than sorry, especially since I was at minimums.

15:01:15 - After I asked for a runway change, I didn’t get a pattern entry or sequence, just a clearance.

15:04:39 - After a departure approval and you being sure that I’m clear of any conflict, a frequency change would be nice to have.

15:05:49 - For the transition, always round up to give yourself a margin of error. So, instead of 2,500 feet, it would be 3,000 feet because of how EDDL is at 147 feet above sea level > 2,647 > 3,000. ;)

15:11:36 - My exit command was a bit late. As soon as an aircraft is on rollout (70kts or less) have them exit. Additionally, you don’t have to say turn right, as that was the only way to turn.

15:15:45 - Great work with the ground conflict, perfect!

Again, as said above great early sequences and basically everything. There are just a few areas for you to touch upon. Tag me next time you open and I’ll try to make it!

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My game keeps crashing 🥴😡

a new hotfix came out (in case you don’t know yet) that should fix it sorry if you already have it

Yeah… I have heard about that, haven’t got it on my iPad tho

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you should get it if you are experiencing problems.

How do I get it

in the app store

How bout bring this to a PM?

How long do you plan on staying open? I’d be happy to stop by

Hello 👋 Unfortunately I have just closed controlling now. :(

However I will probably be opening again today, or tomorrow. Would you like me to tag you the next time I’m open? @Jack5101