IFFI 1000th Member @ WSSS - 301300ZAPR16

It is packed 😳.

ikr, too laggy

@CaptainDawud are u using go cat call sign?

I counted 21-27 aircraft waiting for takeoff. I took off runway 02L…

I know, I’m using Qantas A380 now. be the difference. lol

already takeoff and Landed R32L WMKK


Parking WMKK

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i saw you, i was beside you at wsss

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Do u was 737-700?

i was a320

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wsss at the gate

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Nope. I was with my group and we were all using Batik A320’s. My Callsign was DS2735.

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Saw you landing :)

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πŸ‘πŸΌ good im trying @WMKK will see u now. πŸ™‚

im going with you, which gate and what plane?

I’m waiting for 40+ minutes from gate to runway 02C. But take 36 minutes from wsss to wmkk. Thats including 2 times 360

hahaha, 02L was better, I landed at WMKK nicely, don’t need to queue


Timelapse on IFFG now!

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