IFFG -Thomson Airways Virtual airline open for business

Thomson airways virtual airline started on the 5/7/2016
And this airline is part of the IFFG group (infinite flight fan group virtual airlines)


Congratulations! As one VA owner to another, good luck! :)

#Welcome to the community
And welcome Thomson VA

Congratulations on your VA, but I would avoid using the legitimate Thomson logo due to copyright reasons

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Can I join?

Do you have a fleet, website, routes, etc?

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Perhaps introduce your VA a little.
All the average user knows after reading this post is: nothing.
Why does any VA founder take VAs not serious?! This is ridicolous!
Do something for your VA, make a decent website with information, so you get an idea of what the VA is.
This thread is, as harsh as it may sound, useless, unprofessional, spam and your entire VA has no concept.
New members will not come in a flood to your door, so offer something and something special.

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