IFFG Takes Over - Seattle @ KSEA - 061200ZAUG16

Server: Advanced

Region: Seattle Region

Time: 1200Z

Airport: KSEA (Any)

Time: Saturday 6th August UTC -7

NOTAM: More info here: Redirecting...

Join IFFG as we take over the Seattle region

Allday Saturday 6 th August UTC -7 .

Any Aircraft, Any Route, Advanced Server.

As ATC coverage will be in place do not exceed 550 kts G/S

Whos Coming?

(Any Advanced ATC is welcome to take part. Sort it out among your selves whos doing what :) )


Sorry what time is that…? UTC - 7 means nothing unless you say WHAT time in UTC…

Also you may want to edit your title so it fits in with the event pages rules. That way the event will also show up in the app and be greater advertisement!

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Thanks to @CJ12 for the help :p ’

12:00 Zulu. All day Saturday the 6th in the US is the general idea


Sounds great, will try and look in at it!


Great :) Might c ya there :p


I think I’ll make it!

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I’ll be coming, hopefully I’m not eating dinner at that time… I’ll be in my 747-8 House Colours, flying around Boeing Field!

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What time from and to. You are forgetting that we are not all american. Could you say an end time in Zulu for us Brits and europeans

He said it is all day, so I presume 24 hours from start time (which is 1200 Zulu).

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Ok Thanks alot

I might be able to participate!!!

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