IFFG QATAR AIRWAYS VA - Summer Socal @ KPMD - 211900ZAUG16

Region: Southern California
Altitude: FL160
Cruise Speed: 300kts
​Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Date: 21/08/16
Time: 19:00 UTC

Event Information:
Welcome all to our next event. This week we will explore the most popular destination in the IF community. A relaxed flight across So-cal with our favourite aircraft to enjoy the summer. If you are an established pilot with IFFG Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. Flight plan will be available from callsign:QR01 ten minutes before departure. For more info about our VA and how to join please visit:



KPMD isn’t a civilian airport anymore.

It does not matter. this is not a real route nor is it real life. until global flight anyway. thanks for bringing it to my attention though

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