IFFG QATAR AIRWAYS VA - High Altitude Operations @ KDEN - 141900ZAUG16

Region: Denver
Altitude: FL200
Cruise Speed: 300kts
​Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: A319/B787-8
Date: 14/08/2016
Time: 19:00 UTC

Event Information:
IFFG Qatar Airways Virtual will launch our very first event in the Denver Region. We will be routing across the region visiting the most restrictive airports to challenge all pilots. If you think you can keep up, then join us on the day. If you are an established pilot with IFFG Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. Flight plan will be available from callsign:QR01ten minutes before departure. For more info about our VA and how to join please contact me or visit:
or find me on facebook- Yash Mistry


During the event tomorrow, we will land at each airport and regroup before departure to the next airport. Once landed exit the runway and hold short of runway to depart. And request all to park and wait for a group photo at the end.

See you all tomorrow!

hello there Qatar. Count Avianca Virtual To Be There

//CEO - Miguel//Avianca Virtual

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thats great news. see you there captain!!. it will be fun and challenging

Is this still on maye

Sorry, now finished. Check out our event next week. 24/08/16 1900 utc

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