IFFG Qatar Airways - Touch and Go Frenzy @ EGHH - 271900ZNOV16

Region: London
Altitude: 3000ft
Cruise Speed: 220kts
​Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: A319
Date: 27/11/16
Time: 19:00 UTC

Event Information:
This week’s event will take place across the region, taking a leap into new and exciting ways to fly together on the servers, come join the fun this sunday. If you are an established pilot with IFFG Qatar, please spawn with your assigned callsign’s. Flight plan will be available from callsign: QR11 ten minutes before departure. For more info about our VA and how to get tested to become active pilot please visit:

East Apron 01: @QR01
East Apron 02: @Joshua_Fleming QR18
East Apron 03: @techno.02life QR12
East Apron 04: @solomonT (IFES)
East Apron 05: @Samcollins01 QR14
East Apron 06: @Nayeem_Ahmed
West Apron 07: @RonnyMartin
West Apron 08: @anon66442947
West Apron 09: Alex Chepil QR17
West Apron 10: Ben Bogart QR11
West Apron 11: @Qatar_airways


Sign me up ! - QR18

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I will be there, I hope, (QR12)

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Thanks !!;)
Cu you there!
Ronny /Ronny Paris Pilot /IFFG 8 6 7 7

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I will come to look at your events and just have fun and fly

I’m not part of your VA but I would like to come

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Nvm not grade 3 yet but have fun

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So sorry. Hopefully next time 👍

Put me in qr 194

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Hi there. Please spawn at cobham aviation services 03

Hi everyone, just to let you all know that event starts in one hour. Flight plan will be available from callsign: QR01 5 mins before the event. Hope to see you all😊. Below are the gates assigned to those attending. If you have not been given a gate don’t stress, just spawn at any cobham gates04 onwards. Thank you.

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Sorry my plane would not move after the touch and go with full throttle. I put AP AFTER i was stuck image

Have you tried turning off AP and calibrating then trying again ?

SEEM was so much fun this putting sorry my ac acted up. First time this happens

No I didn’t try that. Was disappointed and got off the plane

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Unluckily , i have had this issue before and my advice above has sorted the issue …

Btw when i landed ap was off since i was a little high and landed manually

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where headed now

Please wait unitl the picture has finished uploading to post it