IFFG Qatar Airways Recruiting

IFFG Qatar Airways is currently searching for pilots and management roles Within our VA. Chief pilot positions also available to those that match the criteria. To join, join us on Facebook and PM me to get tested and ranked by our chief pilots. We look forward to hearing from you

Also check out our website for more info, our next event and our gallery page


Isn’t there supposed to be 1 VA, because there is already a Qatar VA for IFC, I don’t know how it works for IFFG

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There is already a Qatar VA… please search before posting thank you :)


We are IFFG Qatar Airways. The one you talk about is the IF communityVA. We have been active since January this year. And have a larger group. Thanks

We are official IFFG VA.long been active before this new VA.

@Rexton, your call.

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There is already a Qatar VA.