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Hi Everyone.

This applies to anyone currently on the IFFG FB Page.

Please stop uploading edited photos of planes either on fire or crashing, I personally find it a bit distressing and disrespectful.

Any issues with this PM me and I will discuss it further.


I know what you’re referring to…

Not just that instance, I’ve seen it many times and am sick of it lol.

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Don’t forget of Youtube, there’re lots of videos with this titles: “Infinite Flight aborted takeoff engine fire!” Wat? We don’t even have real landing lights.

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I have my reasons as to why I find it disrespectful. The idea of planes falling from the sky used for comediec effect just dosent sit well with me.


It sits weird with me also, doesn’t bother me much though, I just avoid them:)


I haven’t actually seen very many on IFFG but I will keep an eye out for them


It’s disrespectful because someone might have had a family member or close friend that was killed in a plane crash. It serves no purpose to post these videos in my opinion.


We’ve actually stated before we do not allow such posts, but I’m guessing a few still slip through. If you see one, report it to the administrator (there’s a chevron control in the top right for each group post that you can use for that), and we’ll send them to the bin, where they rightfully belong.