IFFG_OlegMagni’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

For all pilots LSZA is now open!


Hey check this and follow the rules :D


Hey, @TaipeiGuru set you title correctly please dont change it back @IFFG_OlegMagni

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Hey, @IFFG_OlegMagni! Once you’re done with your session, please change [OPEN] to [CLOSED], so that pilots who want to help you don’t go looking at the airport when you’re not there. Thanks and good luck! 🙂


Thank you so much!!

I’ll come! Ignore my grade to a big during climb ☹

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Hi. Some feedback for your Ground, given you went offline after my takeoff:

  1. It’s normal practice to say Hold Position to an aircraft that has requested pushback but needs to be held at the gate, rather than Stand By.
  2. When an aircraft requests taxi to parking, tell them to taxi to parking, not Continue Taxi. The latter instruction is for when you have asked a taxiing aircraft to hold position, and now want it to move again.

Otherwise all good. Keep up the practice! 😃


Can you judge me?

@jghastings Thanks dude for the advice I’ll keep in mind!

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Just tell him to read the manual.

I will refer you to the manual, would you like the link?

@Nicholas_Henry yes of course

So, you’ve definitely got a lot to learn here:

  • You told me to line up and wait, before clearing me for take off, there was no need here.

  • You didn’t clear me for the option, you simply cleared me for take off before i was on left base when asking for intentions.

  • You also did this the second time and told me to go around.

  • I had to hold an altitude of 2,00ftmsl to not crash into the mountains. Thats an FYI.

  • A transition is used… idk how to describe that. When do I request a transition?

  • You cleared me to land twice. First time number 1, second time number two. Only during sequencing this is necessary i believe. But definitely not during landing.

  • You told me to make a left 360 when you a 787 was on right base (i was on left base) as i was closer, you could have easily switched him to 8R, sonce he took off from that runway.

  • I departed to the South, and tuned off the frequency at 8,000ft. I turn around and fly over the airport and reauest a landing. You tell me to ‘Extend downwind.’ I requested a runway chabge to 08L twice a minute apart, where you finally gave me a pattern instruction to enter left downind 08L. You then told me to not send duplicate messages, you should have given me a pattern instruction followed by a clearance to land one you were confident my approach was on track.

  • You told me to descend to pattern altitude shortly after this, i was at 6,000ft and already rapidly descending slightly north east of the airport. I couod have easily descended without this instruction needed.

  • You told me ‘I’ll call your base’ as i was turning onto final 🤷‍♂️.

  • A mistake of mine, i requested to taxi to parking, just aa i was pulling into my gate, but to be honest my gate was literally direclty opposite whereni exited the runway. Your mistake is you replied with ‘continue taxi’…

You’ve got a lot to learn. Don’t let this bring you down. It’s boring, but i suggest you take a good look at the tutorials both on the IFC, but mainly on Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel. They will really help you pursue into ATC.


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Oh wow! Thanks I’ll keep this in mind for every time!

LSZA is now closed!

Aircrafts allowed: all turboprops, and at maximum ERJ170 & Citation

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LSZA is now open!

Aircrafts allowed: all turboprops, and at maximum ERJ170 & Citation

LSZA is now open!

Aircrafts allowed: all turboprops, and at maximum ERJ170 & Citation

LSZA is a small airport in the south of Switzerland with beautiful scenery (mountains, lake) come and fly in 😊

Remember to update your title when you close.

You don’t seem to be open at the moment.

Please change your title to closed :)

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