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hey guys quick question, how do I join IFFG? i already joined the Facebook group, am I in? or do I have to do something first?

All there is to IFFG is the Facebook group ;)

thanks I appreciate it !

Yep; just join the group and all good. Welcome aboard :)

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enter link description here

Read the link

That explains nothing, he’s just upset he got banned for a week for being rude to admins and other members. It was only a week ban but it might be permanent now 😏


Please don’t attack so hard to each other. That doesn’t make sense in the hobby league…
I agree that some controllers are some kind of “overeagered” but after all most of them are doing a good job after my opinion. What I suggest for a friendly life is if you have a problem with someone contact him direytly “for clearing” and do not blame the persons here by name. That can’t be the solution.

…only a suggestion…

best wishes and gear up!


I can’t find the group on my Facebook? I found it on my personal but not my new one I made??

Was that you? My apologies I thought it was a spambot as it showed it was newly made and no picture or posts. We try to keep spam and such out the group and suspicious profiles are blocked. I’ll unblock and you should be able to find it

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lol no worries, I’d didn’t need my family seeing all my posts about aviation on the group :)


Looks like someone taking the BULL by the horns…TORO TORO TORO😜😝


I have had my conflicts with IFFG in the past. But i have grown up and more mature to accept that IFFG is a great group!


I got banned in iffg last month. They say that i will be back after 1 week. Its been a month already. I really wanted to get back IFFG. Pleade. Thanks.

Message me your Facebook profile

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Just sent a request to join the group.

i could not join. they iffg blocked me.
I hope they can unban me na, im so lonely without iffg :)

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