IFFG 3rd year event

Hello, I was on KLAX center for a while (30 mins)
and after 30s after my approach controller at KLAX (Jaydon) left, this is what was left.


25 requests in just 30 seconds, I was bundled with requests. I had to eventually leave then.

Traffic was worse in other places, especially KSAN with Matt posting some cool videos


Damn, I have never seen a line that long hope tower got them out. Just looks like a stressful situation.

I never saw something like that in IF before 😳


How many active flights were there in the server?

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I don’t know, I took a long flight, first from KLAX to KSAN and then back, when I joined there were less people

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There were 83 active flights in Southern California 30 minutes after the event began

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This is just amazing :o

Something I´ve never seen before :D


Plenty of people at KSAN, landed there earlier in a 747 and they were still backing up to the parking areas

I came in late…less traffic :)

I played Agario because the sim is on Android and the mobile is taken by my mother and I won’t rebuy it in iOS
Anyways I missed a nice Event, thank you mom for coporating😁👎🏼

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Dear god, landing traffic on 27 can’t vacate to the right can they?

How did you get the replay on live?

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I landed at KSAN in a Cessna 208 when they strarted queuing :D

I was for a little while the TWR and
It was really busy Yes and really difficult
I also played approach and that was also difficult much planes want to land too

Yeah we had to work single frequencies instead of the normal 2 frequencies. It was still difficult to keep a level head. I controlled about an hr and a half and only had to ghost a couple.