IFF is recruiting a wix website specialist

Hello peoples

You probarbly have now seen a couple of these requests already. IFF is undergoing rapid growth and admins are getting worked very hard. One key role is I need someone to be editing a seperate site for our trainees which will display their training times and test date. Now this website has been created and I shall add you as an admin however I need someone active so they can update it regularly.

Pm me if you are interested.

IFF CEO Kieran Lockhart

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damn same here XD

it gets really hectic and constantly editing the main website and the trainee’s website doesnt help lol

when i had alot of members in avianca i had to do it xD

I know Weebly, not wix 😭

i hate weebly. weebly website aren’t professional

Meh, they can look pretty good, wix can’t do mobile websites, which is why I like Weebly lol.

wix yea you can wym

Wix is great at mobile websites.

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Didn’t know that, I may need to learn Wix now lol.

Here’s one I made for Virtual Flight, we are working on the logo, don’t worry lol.

heres mine

still needs work

Nice. Here is our IFEO one, it looks better on desktop but mobile is ok. The photos are great, especially the one under events I love that one. http://ifeorganizers.wixsite.com/ifeo

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Nice! I like it!

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needs alittle bit more work

were accepting members right now if your intrested

One suggestion for your website. The text at the bottom of the homepage is a bit too red lol.

what do you mean?

Wix isn’t ‘professional’ just like Weebly. Learn how to use Joomla or Wordpress (.org, not the free .com version). Then you can fully set up your website, and THEN you can start to call it professional. Not hating, but don’t be a badass and yell that Wix is a professional service.

Ps, you don’t need to know how to code to use Joomla or Wordpress either. You just need to understand how to edit some basic code to your own needs. It’ll cost you around 20$ to 50$ a year. But you get what you pay for.

Just had to point that out.