IFF is looking for a instructor from Australia

The IFF is always expanding, looking for ways to be better. We have pilots all over the world places like austrailia, Malaysia, England and America. So I am currently looking for a confident trainer from Australia who can work to make promotions and testing more efficient

All instructors must join the discord and contact me via pm there or on the community and shall be instructed on what to look for and what the training consists of.

Discord link here - https://discord.gg/quApguP

Many thanks

IFF CEO Kieran Lockhart


Also instructors shall straight away become a pilot without requiring training as long as they are grade 3+ and shall be role models for the trainees or little iff’s as we like to call them ;)

It would be good if new what IFF stands for.


I would for England

Stands for Infinite Flight Fighters.

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It’s more like timezoneist. I’m the instructor for them From Merica and I recently trained someone from Germany and it was hard cus we had like a three hour block that we were both awake. That’s the reason. -Corporal Rodney IFF05


Pm me if you wanna help me out could do with a second trainer from the UK :)

I would be interested, i am grade 1 tho and may have to restart because I am getting a new account

join the discord and pm me we can sort something out

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