IFF Flying display 20 member celebration @ EGYM - 181400ZAUG16

Server: Casual Server

Region: London

Airport: EGYM

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: Come and fly with us as we take to the skys and perform a flying display travelling from EGYM-EGVN. Unfortunately if you don’t have London you cannot watch or participate. If you do want to come please join this discord https://discord.gg/quApguP and pm me there on use the contact form on the IFF website http://infiniteflightfighters.weebly.com . The flight plan can either be copied on the day or we have a link which shows what happens on the flight plan database https://flightplandatabase.com/plan/193866 with the cruise level being 8000ft and speed 380kts as were on casual server it doesnt matter. The IFF will be looping around and doing formation flying with the c17 more maneuvers to be decided.

If you would like to fly with us we recomend an A10 or a fighter jet as there will be only one c17 piloted by @The_Gaming_Guy and no one else. Most of the IFF should be attending and we will have IFVATC doing verbal atc on our voice channels for takeoff ATIS etc. We ask that you are professional when on atc otherwise you shall be kicked. Any other queories please pm me or use the contact form on the website.

Many Thanks

IFF CEO Kieran Lockhart

@anon66771861 @Rodney_Buckland @The_Gaming_Guy @Padi3_14 @AnnieCorp_Inc @Owen_Lewis @Pilot8 cant remember any other community names lol



Preparing for the near vertical takeoff and perfecting landings to the best

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Ill come airbus a340 virgin atlantic

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Ok c ya there join the discord

Suggest u go something more military even use a generic 747 as its a part of our fleet


nice c ya there

ATTENTION please everyone that joined the discord group using the link above please pm me, @admin dragos IFF09 on the discord group


As we are now have 20 members on our discord I am now making this a 20 member celebration also

Am I too late?

Nope come and join ;)

welcome to the community aswell

Hi, what time is it bst? I would like to come in an infinite flight livery plane

BST is two hours in front of Zulu time so 16:00 BSTjin the discord aswell
Thanks 😃

If you need training me and keith are currently on discord for anyone that has queries about the event thanks https://discord.gg/CsfRm

Guys be aware and check in the morning as I may postpone the event till the Friday due to a supping competition on the south coast of England

Sorry for any inconvience if it is sunny or if its raining then it shall go ahead

Scratch that it is going ahead IFEO @Liam_Kirk shall be incharge when the event starts

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