IFESIB - August 1st 2020

Incident Report - August 1st, 2020 - Air China A319

N27NO Air China flight was cruising at FL380 on its way from Shenzen to Sanya Phoenix, when Engine 2 stopped unexpectedly.

The PM quickly got visual confirmation that it was not on fire.

As per the SOP, the crew opted to carry on to their planned destination, the PNR having just been past.

The captain and PF swiftly computed the drift down parameters to reach a safe OEI altitude and speed as fast as possible.

Cruise alt. 38000
OAT: - 47°C - ISA + 10
Weight: 54000kg

The FMS required a descent to :

  • FL260 @ IAS green dot + 10kt = 208kt - TAS 331KT - MACH 0,54

The PM asked Approach for a clear approach with no sharp right turns, which was granted immediately.

After reaching OEI speed and altitude, the crew started a shallow descent and landed safely on time, following the SOP with 5kt added to normal VAPP.

The 101 passengers clapped with great relief, happy to be able to enjoy the week-end on the beach most had boarded the plane for.

The aircraft engine is being investigated. Devs aware.



Ok, that is cool


Thank you! Good fun, with adrenaline…


Very cool nice job

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It is good fun. Even more on expert server!

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