IFES Pilot Competition Auditions @ WSSS - 271400ZJUL16

Server: Free Fight

Region: Singapore

Airport: WSSS

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: IFES will be hosting a pilot competition on August 15th as a part of our anniversary mega-event. The auditions is public to anyone. You won’t regret it. All you need to do is show us what you got!
Our IFM Hawkeyes Leader Oscar @night__ will be choosing those he sees fit to do their formations for the Mega-Event for the whole day. After the auditions more information will be given.

This Auditions is an All day event. Leave a message in this topic after the beep if no-ones at WSSS. ~Beeeeeeeeeeep.
After attending the auditions, please fill out this form so we have a record of you.


  • Must include a Low pass between 100-0 feet successfully holding it for 10+ seconds

  • Must use a fighter jet. A-10 is excluded.

  • Cannot be an IFM or IFES member


The winner of the Pilot Competition on August 15th gets 1 month of Infinite Flight Live for free! Many will enter, 1 will win

Thank you for your co-operation.

-Approved by the IFES & IFM Event Planning Team


If Oscar (Still don’t know his IFC Tag) isn’t here, @Sam1 will notify him of any replies placed here. Event starts in 58 minutes unless Oscar plans to bring the time back


I’d love to strut my stuff but can’t since I’m in IFES, RIP

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I should, maybe later

Ikr. @sam1 no.

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Wait, it’s today?

Yeah, 27th

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Sorry, I did the date wrong…

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Sokay, we all make mistakes

Event moved back to 1400Z which is in 2 minutes



Closed? What do you mean?

IFES is still at WSS everyone, it isn’t too late!

Congrats to @Neal_Jha . He auditioned and passed.

What’s ifes

Infinite Flight Escort Services, they are a VA that I am part off. We escort aircraft to there destination, go to our website to book a escort, and we can escort you anywhere you want to go.

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Alright, If you’d like to audition leave a comment, I’m not in WSSS at the moment

I figured more people on the community would love to win a free 1 month Live subscription

i signed up and was told to contact this page to have my audition. im ready now or whenever you guys get this preferably asap :) thanks.

@FedoraPilot @Night__

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