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Infinite flight escort service

Do you run a VA? Do you want to create a stronger partnership with one of the most popular services available in Infinite Flight?
Well you are in the right place! IFES is looking to form a strong partnership with another VA in Infinite Flight.

What are the advantages of making a partnership?

Well it is simple, our partnership allows us to easily coordinate events, transfers and any other activity we may set out to do based on agreements made for the partnership.

What are we looking in a VA partnership?
• That they’re professional and that they have good leadership.
• It’s a active VA with a good communication medium for organization.
• A website
• It has good policies, regulations and standards to follow that are fair and reasonable.
• No prior record of corruption.
It’s a great opportunity!

Please contact me or @AnnieCorp_Inc

Approved by @AnnieCorp_Inc CEO of IFES

IFES is already a partner with IFM . . .

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We are searching for VA

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A VA can partner with more than 1 VA.

But our partnership we’re currently looking for will have a different reason than IFM

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Star Alliance would like to offer IFES a partnership. For more info contact @Blizzard (if not possible, me)

The IFM already has to patrol an airline.

To all those who PMed me for the partnership: we are currently discussing who the choose. You haven’t been forgotten.

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I contacted you via your website for a partnership …

We would prefer PM because via online goes to our recruiter

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