IFES New Year Ceremony and Competition! @ WSSS - 301300ZDEC16

Server: Casual

Region: Singapore and Kuala Lampur

Airport: WSSS / WMKK

Time: 1300Z (might be subject to scheduling changes)

Date: December the 30th 2016 (might be subject to scheduling changes)


As the holiday season approaches, IFES has decided to host a New Year Ceremony and Competition. Join us at WSSS and enjoy a formation flight along with other highly skilled IFES members. Afterwards, take part in extravagant maneuvers and skills performed by our expert pilots.

Land in WMKK and line up quickly afterwards to take part in our New Year Race! All participating pilots will line up together and, when the time is right, will take off from WMKK in a high speed race to your first checkpoint; WIBD. Touch and go on RWY 03, and continue your race to your second checkpoint; WMAP. There, you will touch and go on RWY 23 and sprint to your final destination, WSSS. The winner is the 1st pilot to land and stop on RWY 02C.

The 1st Prize will be awarded to the 1st pilot who has completed the circuit and arrived in WSSS. This pilot will be awarded 2 months of Live.
The 2nd Prize will be given to the 2nd pilot to complete the circuit and arrive in WSSS. This pilot will receive 1 month of Live.
The 3rd Prize will be given to the pilot that has showed the most fair-play and executed the smoothest landings on the various checkpoints. This pilot will also receive 1 month of Live.

Thank you all for your time, and I hope to see you very soon in this ceremony!

Please note that all information regarding this post can and will be subject to changes in the near future. Please consult @PilotStrike for more detail.

-Hisham OMAR [Head of Event Sector]


Sign me up! :)


Sign me up too!

Are you an IFES member?

Are you part of IFES?

Yes i am .

Perfect, then contact @ Ignas04 of the Slack Channel, and announce that you will be participating! Good luck!

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If you have read this post, and are part of the IFES Community, please answer the poll below.

  • I am definitely coming!
  • I’m not sure…
  • I am not coming.

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No, but Frontier is partnered with them.

@Cessna_Driver I shall consult my associates, and I shall reply to you as soon as I get a response.

Yes you can!!! In fact any partner of IFES has the right to participate.

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How do I join IFES

Hey, does anyone know how many people’s signing up?


No, not a precise number. But, judging by the poll, and the discussions on IFES, I can say from 10-20 people.

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Last I checked British Airways VA is partnered. Are we still? If so I am attending in my speedbird callsign. What aircraft are we recommended to choose from?

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Yes we are partners ! :D

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I will if I can yes I am apart of IFES but I’m having tonsils removed on the 27th

Best of luck from your partners here at Frontier Virtual. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it. Being a CEO of a massive airliner takes to much time ;) hope this goes well for you.

Sign me up too