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Hello Infinite Flight, IFES here. Are you getting lonely while flying? Want screenshots that stand out? Don’t want the hassle of a Virtual Airline with specific routes you can only take?
There is only one solution for this, Infinite Flight Escort Services! IFES is focused on getting aircraft cargo/passengers where they want with the security of an escort. It’s that simple! Don’t want a F-16 following you? That’s okay! We make use of all aircraft to escort. Not to mention we have the largest fleet for your security and are approved by the IFVARB.
Still reading? Good!
#How to Get an Escort
The easiest way and most convenient way to get a private escort is by filling out this form.
Would you like us to provide an escort, security, or a cool show for you event? Fill out this form.
All escorts must be booked at least 6 hours in advance to guarantee service.
#How to Partner With Us
Partner now for premium benefits! This includes priority event escorts, priority personal escorts, and short notice escorts! If you would like to be an affiliate, please fill out this form.
#How to Join Us
Have you ever imagined a family of experienced pilots and helpful staff? We can offer that to you! IFES
has been flying the skies of Infinite Flight since August 15th, 2015. Right now, there’s A LOT to do that
no other Virtual Airline can offer. Now, we’re transforming, IFES has become a large-scale Virtual Airline.
If you want to start your Virtual Airline Career, even if you don’t have “Live” or “Live+” find out how you
can participate! Fill out this application to join.
Join now for premium benefits!
Our Website
Our Executive Website
Our Community (in beta)
Our Andriod App (in beta)
Our Instagram
Our Twitter
Our Executives
Trevaun S. (CEO) @AnnieCorp_Inc
Robert D.
Justin G. @Justin_Gonzalez
Neal J. @787-fan
Any questions? Please DM any of the executives above or email us at ifescortservices@gmail.com.
#Our Affiliates
IF-Charts is a unique and excellent way to study airports using a user-friendly website. We are proud to
be partners with them. Created by @DipperDolphin.

##Furyan Air
Furyan Air is a unique and highly sophisticated VA. They are very well organized and have a stunning
website. The CEO is @Jordy, a former loyal IFES member and a good friend.

##United States Coast Guard - Infinite Flight
United States Coast Guard is an amazing and unique VA taking advantage to the new aircraft added to
Infinite Flight. We are proud to be partnered with them.

##Singapore Virtual
Singapore Virtual is an amazing VA which has been around for a while. It was one of IFES’s first
partnerships. One high-ranked pilot in it is Bryan Ang, a highly respected squad commander at IFES.

##Infinite Flight Cobras
The Infinite Flight Cobras are an amazingly unique fighter squadron based in Discord. They have very
skilled and experienced pilots.

##Infinite Flight Military
Independent Division of IFES
The Infinite Flight Military is a completely independent Virtual Airline under the Infinite Flight Escort
Services Divisions policy. This allows them to make all independent decisions once IFES is not directly
involved. In a scenario like that, IFES permission must be given. IFES is also in charge of providing IFM
with the resources needed to operate and function as an active Virtual Airline.
If you don’t see your VA here and you’re partnered with us, please be patient. Our partnership sector is
under new management.

Happy Flying!


IFES has resumed operations.

o god I think in the past 24 hours IFES made more than 3 VA post…


Glad you guys are back up and giving people there escorts.


For that we apologize. :)

Great post @Ksisky

Looking forward to flying with you

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Just to let you all know, IFES is still running and we are in need of new members and escort requests. We would like people to request escorts and pilots to join us. Apologies for necro-posting.

– Keith James,
IFES General Staff Member


It isn’t necroposting.

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