IFES (Infinite Flight Escort Services) VA Livery


it looks cool, but I’m not sure i like it! love the va though! good luck! :)


Looks cool, but a lot like the IF livery. Is that on purpose?

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Looks ok for me…

Yes. It is


It only makes sense if all VA’S have something similar to the IF livery, as they both aren’t real airlines.

Very interesting features request. Love it.


I’d love to see the new IFES logo on a livery. ;)

Edit: On a similar topic, I’d love to see an implementation of user created liverys for VAs, similar to aircraft repaints in other sims like FSX.

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That’d be awesome. I hope that IFES can be one of the first!

It looks amazing!

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thank you so much! hope it gets approved.

This is very unique, great design!

This livery looks like the FDS 2016.

read the previous posts.

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Ok calm down…

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Nice livery and well edited but I doubt IF will ever add this. With the amount of VAs, if yours goes through, it will be unfair on other VAs. I do hope for this though!

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calm down??? i simply just told you to read the previous posts…

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If 1 livery is done on one aircraft it’s gonna be done on all aircrafts…

Its okay, but I don’t love it. Nice work though! :)